Professionalism” has always been a term that I’ve hated. It’s empty and vague it’s definition and thereby allows for it to be easily molded and weaponized by those in power to perpetuate their outdated and narrow world view. #medtwitter
I’m glad this article is inadvertently casting light on how deeply dangerous that term can be. Along with it being used to police bodies, it’s forced many medical professionals to be apolitical, at least in public discourse. As a result, patients have suffered.
In the broader context, “professionalism” has long been used by those in power. To this day, it’s commonly used as a tactic by employers to silence their employees from advocating for anything to better their condition
Medicine needs to radically redefine what it means to be “professional”.... But please don’t bash the medical student. Many times they don’t come up with the research project. Additionally, they’re already under unprecedented levels of academic pressure along with
Being amongst the least powerful in the medical hierarchy. To fight unrealistic and dangerous standards of professionalism, you have to punch up not down. #medtwitter #professionalism
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