alright you know what??? let’s burn some bridges today
there are several billionaire kids in my class but when one girl I knew officially became a billionaire she got a call from her dad and he said “we hit the b, baby” and she threw a party to celebrate
one of my former friends is a direct descendant of thomas jefferson and proud of it... his family even used their “heritage” to buy their way into an expensive manhattan condo but he still calls himself “upper-middle class”
one of the buildings at school is named after his roommate, who is of course also a billionaire... he’s actually the one who told me about the granoff dinners before the article dropped but got upset when I said he was rich
that same guy bribed reslife to get off-campus permission for himself and his roommates after one of them was denied the “conventional” way... he refused to call it pulling strings because he said that was in bad taste
I used to date a guy whose dad ran a massive restaurant franchising business (if you’ve ever been to t*co bell, appl*bees, or p*nera you’ve given him money)... he met with cp*x on like a monthly basis and made a very generous donation to get my ex and his brother into the school
there are endless stories about that family in particular but one that sticks out is their dad paying off an elected official to make my ex’s brother’s weed charge “disappear”... also they’re actively racist, misogynistic, and queermisic so there’s that
oh and the president of exx*nmobil chemical’s daughter just graduated from this godforsaken institution... it’s me :) (and now you all know why I have mummy issues lol she’s pretty upset about accidentally raising a socialist)
needless to say I’ve been spending the past few years cutting ties with my super-wealthy peers and working to address my own complicity in living alongside them from so long... it’s a work in progress and I’ll never be done unlearning all the elitist shit my brain normalised
also fellow wealthy kids: ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR PRIVILEGE. donate whatever money you have access to and stay honest about your lived experiences. it’s not rude to talk about wealth distribution—that’s a capitalist ploy to keep us from acknowledging inequities. you’re rich. stop lying.
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