Thread about what Tesla really is. $TSLA

Most people still consider Tesla as just an automaker which is wrong. Tesla bulls considers it as a tech/energy company, but while it is accurate it doesn't show the big picture as to what Tesla actually is and where its value is.

Tesla is a manufacturing and software company who is currently mainly working in automotive and energy industries.
Tesla's mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.
They are therefore obligated by their mission to massively disrupt industries linked to energy and pollution. That's why it isn't a coincidence that they are simultaneoulsy disrupting both the auto industry and the energy industry.
There's a clear trend emerging. Tesla is entering industries where's there a necessary need for massive disruption and transition to sustainable energy and software integration.
That's why when Elon said that he personally wanted to make HVAC systems for houses, it rapidly hit me and others that it is not just a fun idea for Tesla to enter this market but a necessity because HVAC is directly a part of the transition to sustainable energy.
HVAC is a system that can be implemented in every buildings in the entire world. Today they are inefficient and not very smart.
Tesla will be able to design and manufacture advance HVAC systems for houses and every other types of buildings, and to develop the software for it
with machine learning and maybe neural networks that will make the system very smart and efficient. 

Tesla's value is that they thrive in disrupting industries where Tesla can apply their skills and resources.
Tesla's notable skills are to implement advance software into products where it is needed and to manufacture those products efficiently.

Notable industries that Tesla can or is disrupting :
- Automotive industry
- Energy industry
- HVAC industry

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