1) A former student of mine, Adam Josefczyk went on to help found Forge, a leadership net work for da Yuts. Forge has been very successful, though lower key, than either YAF or TPUSA.

2) I recently received a book from Forge by Jonathan Jakubowski. (No Forge isn't in Warsaw).
3) The book is "Bellwether Blues: A Conservative Awakening of the Millennial Soul." It is an detailed look at the 2016 election through the eyes of millennials in Ohio's swing county, Wood County.

Pretty much, whoever wins Wood will win OH.
4) Jakubowski begins with a strong analysis of the voting patterns of Wood (Bush x 2, Obama x 2, Trump). Out of the nation's 3,142 counties, only 59 voted in this pattern.

5) He then makes the analysis personal, diving deeply into interviews with four Millennial students . . .
5) contd . . . a Guatemalan immigrant, and a union worker (and, of course, including his own journey.

6) The political views of these six shifted as follows: two via pro-life; two via gun control; one via immigration; and one via economics/jobs.
7) Probably the most important conclusions were that MANY of the union men and MANY of the students were enthusiastic about Trump but absolutely refused to talk publicly. Jakubowski had to go to extraordinary lengths just to get these interviews on record.
8) Contrary to some of us (yes, me) who think that Millennials always vote according to . . .

Nothing more than feelings."

Wait, stop the music.

Jakubowski found that many of them set aside their "feelings" about Trump's "language" and looked only at his policies.
9) His recommendations, however, are a bit on the soft side, what he calls "persuading the soul." He was able, over the course of more than a year, to engage with Millennials one on one---as were some of his interviewees following their conversion.

10) This works fine unless . .
10) contd . . . unless a civil war is on your doorstep. Sometimes there is just no time for the "slow roll conversion."

He dislikes language about conflict and war . . . but alas, there are times when as Mencken said,"
10) contd . . . 'Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.'

I guess Mencken would emphasize "must be tempted."

Unfortunately, those times come more often than we would like to think.
11) The time, I think, for slow conversion has now gone. As Jack Nicholson/Col. Jessup said in "A Few Good Men,"

"I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post." It's getting very near that time.
12) Now, you who follow me know that I have already said that I think Nov. 4 is going to be a very, very violent day.

At first I thought this would only be when Trump won.

But it dawned on me that even if Demented Perv Biteme wins, Nov. 4 is going to be a very violent day.
13) If by some act of Satan Demented Perv Biteme wins, the WLs will go Full Che.

Ya never go Full Che.

They will take that as a sign that ALL binders, all restrictions, all laws, all regulations are gone and go berserk.
14) So on Nov. 4, be prepared. It won't matter, the WL fascist so-called antifa/BLM types will be in Mad Max mode.

15) Oh, and one more thing. I've seen someone say that "Well, Trump can lose but we have to hold the Senate."

Bull feces.
16) Trump, and only Trump . . . with, I believe, God fully behind him . . . is the ONLY person, the only thing standing between the US and total anarchy/chaos/collapse.

17) Hold the senate? You mean those brave souls of whom, out of 53 Rs, only TWO commented positively on . . .
17) contd . . . President Trump's Mount Rushmore address?

THOSE paragons of strength?

The same "courageous" senators who with only 2-3 exceptions have not condemned by name BLM or fascist antifa?
18) We would rely on the same stalwart senators who will not even bring Tom Cotton's defund schools to latch on to the "1619 Project" for a vote?

19) The same brave Pattons who tell us to wear masks? Who (ahem Lindsey Graham) who WON'T CALL A SINGLE DEEP STATE WITNESS?
20) No, my friends. the survival of this Republic has nothing to do with the Senate. And even re-taking the House, while nice, is relatively meaningless.

I discussed this last September when I showed that BOTH the Rs & Ds have killed the House as an active body.
21) The survival of the United States of America---to even have TIME to begin the kinds of discussions Jakubowski wants us to have---depends entirely on one man, Donald John Trump.

22) God have mercy on our souls if we do not deliver a victory for him, and our nation, in Nov.
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