I have a chronic level of unease about the Christian conference industrial complex b/c of how it elevates voices based on communication talent rather than firsthand knowledge of how people conduct themselves w/the churches they pastor or the organizations they run.
One of the most narcissistic, manipulative, & spiritually abusive pastors I’ve ever known is a sought-after speaker at conferences about racial justice. People love to quote him. But there are many who want justice for the egregious ways he has sinned against them.
It’s just another symptom of how poorly churches understand & therefore do discipleship. All this disproportionate emphasis on CONTENT instead of life together in local places creates demand, wh/creates big events, wh/demands marketing, wh/brings in $$$, wh/creates celebrities...
And none of that ^^ is associated with character, perseverance through hardship, or faithfulness in hidden places.
And once there’s celebrity status, publishing houses are eager to offer book deals. Such books are marketed as discipleship books, but too often, they become a propaganda tool for someone’s personality cult.
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