fuck it, nobody asked but here’s a thread of Marina lyrics that influenced me as a person:
every lyric in Oh No! [The Family Jewels] hits home - i’ve literally never come across a more relatable song in my life - but these lyrics in particular have stuck with me
Are You Satisfied? [The Family Jewels] is again wholly relatable, though these lines stick out the most to me
I also used to listen to Girls [The Family Jewels] a lot (and that’s on having a crippling “i’m not like other girls” phase) and I really took it to heart back in the day.
Looking back on the lyrics tho im not gonna single out any for this thread :/
Bubblegum Bitch [Electra Heart] slaps tbh but did it feed into the not-very-good false reality i live in most of the time? probably.

(also i really talk a lot of shit for someone who did like nothing throughout her teens)
Primadonna Girl [Electra Heart] also hit home i realise lmao
possibly questionable for young me to have listened to Homewrecker [Electra Heart] so much in my youth but at least im like. not actually a homewrecker lmao
Starring Role [Electra Heart]. i also listened to on the reg
okay so i didnt listen to The State of Dreaming [Electra Heart] much but like,,,
i listened to Power and Control [Electra Heart] a lot im ngl. also i cackled when i reread these lyrics like im not a bad person or anything i swear these arent super relatable or anything but my friend mentioned something to me the other day which made this hilarious to read-
okay i listened to Teen Idle [Electra Heart] CONSTANTLY ohhh my god this is up there with Oh No! honestly like-
Fear and Loathing [Electra Heart] is interesting tbh. and that’s on growth-
so Sex Yeah [Electra Heart]. anyway as hard as my parents tried to shield me from the internet, i found a million loopholes and honestly i was desentitised to just about everything years ago welp
i literally listened to How To Be A Heartbreaker [Electra Heart] on REPEAT it honestly slaps. anyway in terms of lyrics there isnt really anything that i find particularly relatable, it’s just a really good song lmfao
to conclude:

stan the stories these albums tell, and also as much as these influenced me i swear im not like. the epitome of all of these lyrics-
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