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Note: I am copying this from elsewhere. I cannot give details on where this originated from, but I can't say that I have confirmed the source.
This is an overview of the timeline of escalation of force on the Federal level in Portland
June 16th - a C-208 SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) aircraft (Tail # N1789M) was sighted in Portland. /1
These vehicles are adapted for the purpose of information acquisition via intercepting cell phone signals through a sensor bus slung under the fuselage. The last documented owner of this aircraft was the US Marshals Service. /2
June 26th - a presidential executive order to protect monuments of confederate soldiers was signed by Donald Trump. Within this document, was a section directing the deployment of federal agents to Portland. /3
July 12th - the earliest confirmed date of federal agents acting within Portland, when agents later identified as belonging to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ‘BORTAC’ unit (Border Tactical Unit) /4
shot a local man in the head with an impact munition at point blank range without provocation. This man continues to undergo surgery to reconstruct his face as of 7/22/2020. /5
July 14th - Unidentified Federal officers in unmarked rental vans had begun unlawfully detaining members of the public throughout downtown Portland at gunpoint. Approximately two dozen people were bundled into cars at gunpoint, /6
driven around with black bags pulled over their heads while they were interrogated, again at gunpoint, until they were dumped in wildly different portions of the city. Steps were taken to make sure no information was able to be publicly accessed, /7
including why these individuals were detained, who they were detained by, and record of treatment while detained making this, by legal definition, kidnapping. /8
July 16th - Two developments happened on this day. 1) a 2 mile section of airspace around Battleground WA was closed to all non-federal air traffic until the 21st with the intention of allowing the Federal use of drones in a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM). /9
2) an unmarked M1130 Stryker CLV was brought to Portland. These vehicles are often used as control hubs for drones, or UAS (Unmanned Air Systems). /10
July 19th - wide area surveillance, random detentions, and indiscriminate use of force have continued since the start dates noted above. One particularly notable incident involved a fifty year old US Navy veteran who approached BORTAC agents with his hands in his pockets. /11
He was MACED and then beaten with a baton, breaking his arm in two places and smashing the bones of his hand. If there was any justification for this beating he should have been detained and afforded due process before the law. He was not. /12
July 20th - the NOTAM published July 16th was extended to August 16th. /13
July 21st - federal agents announced to be being sent to Chicago as well and have begun deploying beanbag rounds and employing their AN/PEQ-15 laser designators to mark targets for impact munitions. /14
July 22nd - Early in the morning federal agents push protesters back two blocks from the federal building to destroy pre-positioned medical supplies. Later that day Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland attended demonstrations outside the Portland Federal Building. /15
He was maced and teargassed. /16
July 23rd - a Federal Judge handed down a temporary restraining order instructing federal officers to desist from their attacks on press and legal observers. /17
That night, Federal Officers continued to pelt press and legal observers with pepper balls, CS gas and baton rounds and the occasional baton to the face. /18
Depending on events in Portland, measures like this will be implemented in multiple cities. Especially cities that are hubs of protest for the Black Lives Matter movement. /19
The Undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Ken Cucinelli, invoked a catalogue of graffiti under the term “Terrorist Incidents” as justification for the actions being taken in Portland and, /20
as commented in his interview on Oregon’s Public Broadcasting system on July 17th, intends to implement this “posture” nationwide. As of the writing of this, federal agents have already been sent to Chicago and Seattle in an extension of this. /21
A document entitled FM 3-24 is the US military’s manual for counterinsurgency. This document details how to manage, suppress, and (if necessary) defeat civil unrest. This document emphasizes that excessive, indiscriminate use of force is not just immoral or unethical, /22
The application of force to handle this situation empowers extremists by alienating the community from their sworn protectors. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of counterinsurgency doctrine will have read this manual. /23
Attempting to justify this use of force to achieve these results has no precedent. /24
On the night of the 10th there were approximately 40 protestors. The night of the 21st we can conservatively estimate four thousand people in attendance. By the 23rd there were tens of thousands present. /25
If nothing else, this only proves that the authors of FM 3-24 knew what they were about. /26
The gear being used by federal agents in Portland includes, but isx not limited to, grenade launchers (GL-06, AG-36 and M203), fully automatic assault rifles (Diemaco IUR, Colt M4 SOPMOD, Mk18), and semi automatic handguns (Glocks). /27
Rifles are usually seen with suppressors and rail mounted laser designators that are used to indicate targets for long range pain compliance weapons. These arms are in no way able to be used for de-escalation and are useless for crowd control. /28
We are being policed by off brand special forces in full tactical gear better than what is currently in use by our soldiers presently in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Interestingly enough, several BORTAC agents have been observed with SAGE ‘Deuce’ riot control launchers. /29
BORTAC agents have access to the appropriate tools. They are just not making proper use of them. /30
The distinction between a 37mm riot control munition and an equivalent 40mm munition is very significant. First, a 37mm launcher cannot be used to shoot lethal rounds. Second, the fastest fastball in history delivered a whopping 147 joules of kinetic energy. /31
A Sage KO-1 of the type recovered from the Portland Protests delivers about 202 joules of kinetic energy. A 40mm baton round delivers about 300 joules of kinetic energy. /32
I am asking you to imagine what it would be like to get hit by a projectile with more than double the kinetic energy of the fastest fastball in history. The injuries are appalling, as we can see in the case of Donavan LaBella, who remains hospitalized. /33
Donald Trump in an interview about the measures being taken in Portland referenced that this was a good thing, that “Portland was out of control. The democrats, liberal democrats had no idea what they were doing” and saying that “I’m gonna do something. That I can tell you. /34
We’re not gonna let New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, and all of these, Oakland is a mess. We’re not gonna let this happen in our country. All Run by liberal Democrats.” That “[w]e’re going to have more Federal law enforcement. That I can tell you. /35
In Portland they’ve done a fantastic job. They’ve been there three days and they really have done a very fantastic job in a very short period of time, no problem” and that “[t]hese are not protesters. /36
These are people that hate our country and we’re not going to let it go forward. The governor, the mayor, the senators out there are afraid of these people. That’s the reason they don’t want us to help them. They are afraid.” /37
This is not only a blatant misuse of political power in an attempt to subvert human rights, but it is a direct breaking of the law and an assault on our democracy on the part of these federal agents, organizations, and those directing these agents. /38
Those in Portland continue to protest in the face of this violence, Individuals are stepping up to create human barriers so that others can continue to exercise their rights. /39
We urge people to continue donating to Portland bail funds, and to donate to the ACLU so that they can continue to take legal action to stop these injustices. And above all VOTE, and vote tactically. Do not throw away your vote making a point. /40
This is a time for us to all pull together so that we do not have to fear being kidnapped because we dared to protest. Hundreds of people continue to protest in Portland despite this threat, and we need to stand with them in whatever way we can. /41
Whether that be sharing the information of what’s happening, donating to organizations trying to help, or showing up to protest ourselves.
Links for sources and to donate below. /42
NY times breaks news BORTAC not trained for civil unrest:


Stryker M1130 CLV deployed to Portland:

BORTAC employs laser designators against protestors:
BORTAC drags motorist out of car into cloud of teargas:

BORTAC pulls additional motorists from their vehicle into a cloud of teargas:

Protests continuing to happen:
Federal troops destroy pre-positioned medical supplies:

Overview of effects of various KE munitions on human subjects:
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5736036/ /47
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Once again, I cannot share details on where this originates from. This is to protect my sources. I CAN, however, confirm that these are real, that these come from real people that are investigating on the ground, and the links provided prove what they say.
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