2) Then she came to the last five questions on the test. These were the most important. I’d done enough research to know we were treading on thin ice but hoped against hope she could do this.
3)I sat quietly as she identified animals, repeated a list of words, slowly, various other little tasks to do and answer. As the doctor asked each question, I bit my tongue, dug my nails in my hand, that she would answer correctly.
4) With each passing question not answered or answered incorrectly or in confusion, I could see that when we walked out his office door,her life will have changed immensely. As would mine, as would all her sisters and her brother.
5) We were now a family who was going to watch a loved leave us. Leave us not through Cancer, heart attack or peacefully in her sleep. No this was going to be what is called “The Long Goodbye”. Little by little she will leave, forget who this sister from Long Island was.
6) She thought her brother from Florida was that actor. She always joked he looked like Tony Curtis. Eventually, I became the nice lady who bought her pretty clothes and took her to the beauty parlor.
7) I could be sitting right next to her on the sofa and she would ask me, did Barbara go out?

Mr. Trump has shown a level if disrespect for the family members of millions of people who have lost a spouse, a grandparent, a sister, a brother, a parent to any form of dementia.
8) The very fact that he stated that those last 5 questions on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment are hard questions speaks volumes. Those questions, every child in elementary school can answer correctly.
9) You do not make a game show out of it that I answered the hard questions at the end, and they gave me extra points. He has turned this into a political issue trying to say his opponent’s mental acuity is poor.
10) The very fact that Mr. Trump is doing this, acting so happy that he past “hard” questions that a child could answer is reprehensible.He will never do so, but the families of Alzheimer’s victims deserve an apology.
11) I have looked upon him since I graduated college in NYC as a clown, buffoon, corrupt criminal, racist. He disgusts me. I pray he is done for. I pray he is held accountable.
12) If you lost a family member or have a family member with any form of dementia and you support this man for 4 more years, rethink your ability to make an informed voting decision. He needs to be defeated.
#RidenWithBiden #BlueTsunami2020
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