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Rich white folks are organizing "tutor pods" for delivery in their backyards - sometimes virtually.

I'm a licensed teacher, corporate trainer, website designer, grassroots organizer, M.S.Ed Learning Technology.

Let's chat about solutions to address inequity.

Let's start here: I used to teach elementary school in an inner city magnet.

Now, I'm a corporate trainer, coach, project manager, etc.

I'm fielding requests for private gigs, and I can't do it. Why? Because most can't participate.

School regulations vary across the country, but more-or-less, Public and Magnet schools are more highly regulated. Private schools typically comply with local regulations, but the decision whether to do so usually rests on the institution & its private backers. And Charters? Oy.
Anyway... back to my point.

Question #1: Do all children deserve a safe, inspiring, effective, and free K-12 education?

YES. (Naysayers can leave now. Thank you.)

So why does the concept of private "backyard" K-12 education bother me? All children matter, right?

Answer #1: Because #BlackLivesMatter .
Oh, you want me to explain?

Google "redlining." (I'm so freaking tired of folks telling me to "look it up" in order to explain *their* point for them. So sorry, but freaking look it up. I'm busy researching how #schoolchoice is trying to be the downfall of public education.)
So: Black families have been pushed out of rich, white neighborhoods for generations.

And rich white families have been reaping the benefits of their dubious fortune.

And now they're holding school in their backyards.
We need to talk about #schoolchoice.

What is "school choice"? Quite simply, it's the term for any locally-regulated enrollment structure allowing students and their families voluntary alternatives for education.

1954-1955: Brown vs. Board of Education

U.S. Supreme Court

Main issue: The constitutionality of state-sponsored segregation in public schools. Justices ruled unanimously that racial segregation of children in public schools was unconstitutional. https://www.history.com/topics/black-history/brown-v-board-of-education-of-topeka
After Brown v. Board, many white families created private schools. Public schools were closed outright, and vouchers were then used at the new, privately segregated schools, known as segregation academies.

The name for this segregation movement?

👉Freedom of Choice Schools👈
Are these families organizing "backyard schools" racist? Most certainly not. They want what's best for their children.

They also have a crap ton of money, and they're screaming for the state & our local school district do what?

👉Refund the taxes they paid for public school👈
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