The key difference between the NDP's guesstimate-ridden non-plan for school re-entry, and our plan, which has the support of superintendents and was approved by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, is that our comprehensive re-entry plan is actually feasible. #abed #ableg 1/
In 2017 the BC Government lost a court case which required them to hire an additional 3,700 teachers. It took them 2 years to do this, and it resulted in a Canada-wide teacher shortage. #abed #ableg 2/
In our own analysis of the NDP’s non-plan, to meet what they are proposing would require us to hire 13,000 full time teachers by September, which is just over 30 days from now. It took BC 2 years to hire a fraction of this number. It is just not possible. #abed #ableg 3/
The other big concern is space. We simply do not have the facilities required to meet a cap of 15 students per class. Just like with the teachers, we would also require roughly 13,000 more classrooms across Alberta by September. This is unrealistic and is not possible. #abed 4/
Unlike the NDP who have created an unfeasible non-plan, we accepted the recommendations provided by superintendents and school boards, worked with our medical experts, and that is all reflected in our rollout. #abed #ableg 5/5
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