The Left Aren’t Good Economic Mgrs


This narrative still has traction - unfortunately & without justification.

1. As parties borne of unions, workers & activists, the time old assumption is the centre-left/left just don’t understand capital or business.

2. Conversely...

...parties of the right are deemed to be parties of finance & business. Inherently, they know how to manage economies.

3. But an analysis of major economic indicators in any of the world’s established democracies shows this argument to be palpably untrue.

4. In the US...
3/8’s been Democratic Presidents in recent history that have bequeathed the strongest economies to their Republican successors (Clinton, Obama). The Australian Labor Gvt ran the most efficacious GFC-proofing economy in the OECD. In NZ, Grant Robertson has implemented a...
prudent yet highly effective Covid economic recovery - again amongst the OECD. And it was a Cullen-Clark Labour partnership that ran an efficiently managed/future focused economy during the first part of the 2000’s.

5. Moreover, Labour party memberships & support have....

...diversified considerably in the last few decades to now encompass urban professionals, small business owners & entrepreneurs. Ygr generations have found a growing appeal in social democratic solutions.

6. Concurrently, rightwing parties have increasingly become...

stuffed with party apparatchiks & former staffers in their parliamentary ranks. Fewer & fewer have any real world commercial or actual business experience. The NZ National Party being a case in point.

7. Further, reducing the efficacy of economic performance to purely...

... traditional economic indicators (GDP, debt ratios etc) fails to understand or recognise the human cost of doctrinaire economic philosophies. Thus, the growing movement for wellbeing budgets & thinking.

8. What Covid has shown us all - Gvt must play a major role in...
delivering economic & social support. Most social democratic Gvts have protected their ppl from the worst consequences of the pandemic & led in strategic investment.

IMO they’re inexorably better equipped to manage economies in a post Covid climate-challenged world.

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