1. NY just passed #AVR Automatic Voter Registration. @StandUpAmerica estimates this will add over 1Mill voters to the #NY rolls. Wouldn't it be great to know that those votes were going to be counted correctly? But w/new #VotingMachines being certified we will not know.
2. #Security experts like @rad_atl & @kskoglund & auditing expert @philipbstark say that the hybrid #VotingMachines are not secure and "No form of audit can confirm they functioned correctly." (Quote from Dr. Stark). Read a paper he co-authored.
3. One #Hybrid #VotingMachine is already certified in #NY. It's the Dominion ICE & is in at least 15 counties including #Westchester County where they're trying to buy 100s more. In the Westchester #primary the ICE hybrid voting machines created 4 hour lines. via @IndivisWstchr
4. Another #hybrid machine that is on a greased track for certification here in NY - massively malfunctioned in an election in Pennsylvania where it miscounted tens of thousands of votes and picked the wrong winner.
6. The NY City Board of Elections already asked to start using these #Hybrid #VotingMachines - prior to certification. If they get certified, they will likely purchase them immediately. #NYC Will your vote count?
7. @SMART_elections produced an investigative video series about them. Plz watch it to find out more. Both parts are on our homepage. They are 5 mins each & will quickly get you up to speed.  #ElectionSecurity is a #VoterSuppression issue.
8. @SMART_elections also organized the 1st NY protest against them last June. We went to the State Board of Elections with signs & t-shirts and chanted in front of their office. Even Andrew Appel came & spoke on the bullhorn. Video via Julie Weiner #SMARTelections
10. Susan Lerner personally went to Albany & held a press conference against the ExpressVoteXL. But the NY State Board of Elections is on a steady pace to approve it. They have already reviewed the source code & held public demos. #ElectionSecurity is a #VoterSuppression issue.
11. There will not be a formal “public comment” period before the #ExpressVoteXL is certified in NY. THIS is our public comment period. This time when we are consumed by #Covid19 & #AbsenteeVoting & #VoterRegistration. Our window to stop this train is slipping away. #Timing
14. One of the worst problems w/ #Hybrid & some other new #VotingMachines is that the ballot goes under the printer after you cast it. If the machine is hacked, the printer in the voting machine can change the way you voted. Here is an example from the new system in Los Angeles.
15. Most, possibly all, of these voting systems have USB & other ports allowing them to be connected to the Internet. Here are hackers from @defcon @VotingVillageDC They connected their computer to an Ethernet port right next to where the voter scans the ballot. It took 5 seconds
16. So these #VotingMachines are hackable. All computers are hackable & voting machines are computers. Do not let anyone tell you that "they're not connected to the Internet" & "They can't be hacked." That is not true. #Hacking #SMARTelections
17. @SMART_elections & @IndvsbleScarsdl helped author and get introduced to both NY legislative houses some of the best anti-hybrid legislation in the country. We worked with top #ElectionSecurity & #Auditing experts #AndrewAppel of Princeton & @philipbstark of UC Berkeley.
18. Here is the language from the bill:
"A voting machine ... shall: be constructed so that, after the paper ballot is cast by the voter, the voting machine or system never passes the cast ballot under a printer that can print votes onto the ballot."
19. " ... including as a result of unauthorized, malicious and/or faulty software and/or firmware.
This act shall take effect immediately."
#ElectionSecurity is a #VoterSuppression issue.
20. This PERFECT bill that could save all #NewYorkers from voting on these horrible machines has been sitting in the legislature waiting for us to push it all year. It was introduced in the #NYAssembly by @AmyPaulin & in the #NYSenate by @zellnor4ny. The bill # is A8597A & S6733
21. In the fall @SMART_elections wanted to push it hard but we got caught up in the fight for #ElectionSecurity funding from #congress. In March we had already plotted a full throttle promotional campaign when my husband and I both got #Covid19.
22. This week I spoke with key staff in both @zellnor4ny & @AmyPaulin's office. They both assured me that they understand how ESSENTIAL this bill is to maintaining the integrity of NY Elections. I also spoke with staff at @AMBichotte's office and they were similarly supportive.
23. This #NY legislative session is over. But we need to make sure that this bill is at the top of the list at the next session. The legislature may reconvene in August - We need to be prepared!
#ElectionSecurity is a #VoterSuppression issue.
24. What can you do?
1. Please get on our mailing list, so we can keep you informed about what's happening. 
2. If you can volunteer - please send an email to [email protected] with I CAN VOLUNTEER in the subject line.
3. If you belong to a NY or National #VotingRights group - make fighting hybrid & touchscreen voting machines one of your group's top priorities.
4. Call your NY State reps today. Let them know this is a TOP PRIORITY FOR YOU. We made it EASY. 
27. "The head of the Senate elections committee is urging the board's commissioners to hit pause while lawmakers gather feedback about the new technology... 'Everything is always good until it’s not,' said state Sen. Zellnor Myrie, D-Brooklyn."
28. And finally, ATTEND our Election Security Series where you will learn more about these issues, what you can do, & the support systems & training that can help you. The next session is Tuesday July 28th at 7pm ET. We have an AMAZING lineup. PLEASE COME!
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