Punjab's most loved poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi would have turned 84 yesterday. He died on 6 May 1973 at the young age of 37. Batalvi's romantic poetry of love and longing is often turned into popular songs even today. This is one of the best interview I have come across of any poet.
Shiv Kumar Batalvi explaining why life is a slow suicide. His words as he sings in this very old interview pierce deep within even today. Batalvi is missed even by those who never met him or were born yeare after his death. They feel Batalvi in his moving poetry.
Shiv Kumar Batalvi says that every intellectual is dying slowly at every moment. Such powerful words. Such immense wisdom. And such raw emotions in every sentence. You can't forget this interview once you watch it. Listen to one of Batalvi's poem sung by Jagjit Singh.
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