Possible eliminated trainees from Iland. (Iland dropouts) #ILAND #ILAND_EP5 #ILANDGLOBALVOTING

1. Seon (we already know this)
2. Geonu (his name plate is back on the rack)
3. Kyungmin (one of the dropouts has whitebag)
4. Jaebeom (short sleeves)
5. Yongbin (carrying a bag)
6. ?
Some say that the last one might be EJ because of this clip where he and Sunghoon are seen exchanging a hug. #ILAND_EP5 #ILAND
The last spot can either be Jay or EJ. 😣 Pls vote for all those in danger of being (esp. when you feel that they deserve the spot). Also vote for those in grounders (dont forget abt them). 🌟 #ILAND #ILANDGLOBALVOTING #ILAND_GLOBAL_VOTING #ILAND_EP5
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