I am a #FloridaMan and try to focus on my state’s issues but we all need to be talking about #Portland and and the state of democracy in America right now.

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A few weeks ago I received an anonymous postcard from #Portland addressed to “crucial voters” with *hand-drawn* art and county-specific instructions to #VoteByMail.

Busy in the ICU and ER, I probably would have missed the deadline otherwise.

So I got my ballot, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the postcard, the attention to detail, the distance from Oregon to Florida, and what that effort says about our #ElectoralCollege system that gives my vote more weight and how fundamentally undemocratic that is.

Meanwhile, a diverse coalition of #Portland activists (including a moms group and the mayor himself) are being gassed, beaten, and arrested by federal troops for non-violent protests for civil rights.


https://twitter.com/joshuapotash/status/1285826007023460355?s=21 https://twitter.com/joshuapotash/status/1285826007023460355
The combination of postcard and protest highlight to me just how much more our neighbors and countrymen in #Portland are doing for our democracy.

It’s easy to get swept up in our feeds, but we must be centering their fight against #stateviolence and #FascismInTheUSA

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