Tarts da is legally blind, it’s boss, he’s like a free pass. Eveyone moves out the way, starts calling him sir, opening doors for him. There’s been people pure Charlied who even pure part the way like Moses for him ahaha, all while he can still see a bit and just want a pint.
Isle of Wight fezzy you can’t take ale to the main stages, so we’d chocker his bag with cans, then no one wanted to be the cunt who stops the blind man for the search, so they’d usher him in. So he’d land the gaff with major ale in his bag. Absolute blind ale muel.
Mid lockdown there was no bogs open an we were in town, best believe I landed a gaff as a “carer” pleading he needed the toilet while he’s overly waving his blind stick, when really I needed a piss. Once again a first class service to the bog while I guided him ahaha
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