No they haven't. The absolute foghorn that these Americans have on this vs that of Bolivians who can rebut this bollox.
The other thing with this is how incestuous it is. A same group of Americans concoct this story that the OAS lied, get it run in multiple outlets, make it look all 'academic', get it amped to the max on social media. Voila, new competing narrative. Stinks.
It may just be Bolivia about which most folks aren't going to know much but for them, this hideous bunch, it's just more ammunition for their overriding narrative, which is all about themselves: Americans.
Go look on Google to see how easy it is to find a rebuttal for Weisbrot now Greenwald on Bolivia - in English.
This is a similar situation. Ecuador is just another country to use to make a point.
This guy is another one who does it in English, on YouTube to huge views. Again, this is conspiracist bollox. He is Argentinian and the left there all love Evo and hate Bolivians of all sorts who dare to criticise.
All of the Bolivarian parties in Latin America have seen their polling slump massively. MAS is the latest to be showing this. So is 'socialism of the C21st' done yet and when do we start the analysis of where it all went wrong?
5k retweets for the great lithium conspiracy. We tried strangling this at birth. We failed.
Been reminded to reup this thread from February when the Washington Post decided to give some connected Muricans space to air their 'coup' narrative.
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