Mises, sipping ignorant socialists' tears:

"Ownership of the means of production is not a privilege, but a social liability. Capitalists and landowners are compelled to employ their property for the best possible satisfaction of the consumers...
If they are slow and inept in the performance of their duties, they are penalized by losses. If they do not learn the lesson and do not reform their conduct of affairs, they lose their wealth. No investment is safe forever."

It is absolutely amazing that grown adults can seriously call themselves socialists, when Mises has so thoroughly and completely demolished every tenet of this ridiculous criminal cult, even before reality shat all over it.
Socialists think producers exploit workers because they don't understand workers and consumers have a choice and producers have to satisfy them. Practically no socialist has ever worked a real job to understand how hard it is to satisfy workers & consumers enough to profit.
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