It's actually only Gulf who's perfect for Mew??? Y'know why?
Almost every thing I've seen, at first glance everyone says Mew looks very fierce and intimidating, but Gulf was literally the ONLY one who ever thought that Mew looks like a great person at first glance+
Spending time together Gulf is also the ONLY one to say that Mew is not strict, P'Mew is cute, he's the best.

Mew admitted to the fact that as much as he takes care of Gulf, Gulf takes care of Mew the same way.
Usually when someone is mad, ego tends to get the better of themselves. But with Mew and Gulf? They fight, sometimes badly but? They always let go of their ego and talk to each other because they care about their relationship more than arrogance.
They are also never awkward with each other? So comfortable which is rare for two people who are seen as intimate on screen. They are shy sometimes but awkward and uncomfortable? Never.
Mew and Gulf met each other like a miracle. They were facing their own issues but the way they changed each other? It's so beautiful to see how Gulf helped Mew to laugh again, Mew helped Gulf to open up more. Their families can see how much their sons changes after meeting eo
They literally want to be in each other's future. Mew and Gulf don't know what the future holds for them but they are making an effort to make sure the other will be there in it, you know what that sounds like?
Genuine love. I can't really explain enough on how much they really love each other. Actually we barely see like how real they are with each other, but the glimpse we see is enough. Any fool can see the love in their eyes.

Also I forgot to include how they are literally each other's type?
Mew wants someone who's cute and understanding, who he can flirt with everyday and learn new things about and that's exactly what he's doing with Gulf. And Gulf really really understands him well.
And Gulf he wants someone understanding and attentive, someone who takes care of him dearly and that's everything that Mew is, always giving his Nong the attention he wants.

Do you see it? How perfect they are with each other? How they literally belong to each other 🥺
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