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There are many stories about the Nazis concerning that they had a submarine base in Neu Schwabenland, part of Queen Maud land (Norway).
(1) One of the stories goes on to say that they established a base on the same spot at the end of the war which was supposed to be a base for the Haunebu and VRIL flying discs....
(2) There are huge amounts of material concerning the Nazis development of flying discs and experimentation with anti-gravity using Tesla technology and technology developed by German scientists.
(3) In 1938, Nazi Germany sent an expedition to Antarctica with a mission to investigate sites for a possible base and to make formal claims in the name of the Third Reich.

To prepare them for their mission, they invited the great polar explorer Richard E. Byrd
(5) to lecture them on what to expect.

The following year, a month after hostilities had commenced in Europe, the Germans returned to Neuschwabenland to finish what had been started, with many suggesting that a base was being constructed.
(6) Nine years later, Richard E. Byrd, who by now had become an Admiral in the United States Navy, was sent to Antarctica with the largest task force ever assembled for a polar mission.
(7) In Admiral Byrd's own words, the mission (code-named 'Highjump') was "primarily of a military nature".

Many claim that the task force was sent to eradicate a secret Nazi base in Queen Maud Land, which the Nazis had renamed Neuschwabenland and
(8) which had never been explored as profoundly as the rest of the Antarctic.

But, and the big but is, the fact that Admiral Byrd spoke of "flying objects that could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds" and with well-documented German activity before, during and
(9) in the immediate aftermath of World War II, one can't help but wonder whether there is some truth in the Nazi Antarctica myth.

Even so, could Operation [High-jump] and Byrd's quotes have overshadowed the truth about British excursions
(10) in Antarctica by way of misinformation, bringing attention to his mission and, by doing so, making sure that history only remembered one mysterious Antarctic mission.....

A few years later under the cover of the international geophysical year, the United States
(12) were interested in seeing how much of the continent could be "recovered" for use by warming it with nuclear explosions!

Accordingly, it would be necessary to explode a few small nuclear "devices" for above the continent to warm and melt the ice as a proof of concept.
(13) As Henry Stevens aptly quips, "You already know exactly where in Antarctica they planned to explode these atomic bombs."

Three bombs were thus detonated at an altitude of approximately 300 miles above the target, one on August 27, 1958, one on August 30, 1958, and
(14) a third on September 6, 1958.

[Stevens also notes that these bursts may have something to do with the "ozone hole" over the South Pole and the us government's reluctance to discuss the idea or the events that may have caused it.
(15) Additionally, perhaps it is possible that one atom bomb from each of the world's then nuclear powers, the US, the USSR, and the UK, were used.]

If these bursts were indeed intended secretly against an actual target, then why so high?
(16) Stevens hypothesizes that they were to knock out any German equipment in the region by the strong electromagnetic pulse that results from a nuclear detonation.

Stevens also notes that these bursts may have something to do with the
(17) "ozone hole" over the South Pole and the US government's reluctance to discuss the idea or the events that may have caused it.

Of course since this is mostly concerning military operations true facts are hard to find !
(19) The German pilots visiting in 1938 extensively photographed the region, and reported mountain ranges in excess of 12,000 feet altitude, rocky crags projecting above the fields of ice.

But most amazingly, they allegedly found ice-free ponds, heated geothermally,
(20) in which grew various unknown species of algae.

They also discovered the southern tip of the fault line that runs from New Zealand, through Neuschwabenland, and up the Atlantic Ocean, the famous Atlantic "trench".
(21) The Germans concluded that such features might indicate the presence of rocky caverns on the continent, heated geothermally, the perfect place for a hidden base in the world's most isolated, desolate, and inaccessible wilderness.
(22) With that said, one has to consider that even if a submarine base was established by the coastlines of Neu Schwabenland, the main base could have been situated anywhere on the continent within the parameters of where the geothermic heat reaches ?
(23) Mysterious Hole Has Opened Up in Antarctica....👇

A hole as large as Lake Superior or the state of Maine has opened up in Antarctica, and scientists aren't sure why it's there.

The gigantic, mysterious hole "is quite remarkable," atmospheric physicist Kent Moore,
(24) a professor at the University of Toronto's Mississauga campus, told me over the phone.

"It looks like you just punched a hole in the ice."

"This is hundreds of kilometres from the ice edge. If we didn't have a satellite, we wouldn't know it was there."

(25) A Polynia [sic] was observed in the same location, in Antarctica's Weddell Sea, in the 1970s, according to Moore, who's been working with the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modelling (SOCCOM) group, based at Princeton University, to
(26) analyze what's going on.

Back then, scientists' observation tools weren't nearly as good, so that hole remained largely unstudied.

Then it went away for four decades, until 2016 when it reopened for a few weeks.

Now it's back again....🧐
(27) The fact that it had appeared before make the scientist believe that convection currents are involved as warm and cold water mix at a previous weak spot in the ice sheet.

I think that is a good explanation for one near the edge but hundreds of kilometers away and
(28) however thick it is (not mentioned in this article)??

There have been reports of UFOs, ray guns shooting... something... out of the ice, and plenty here on ATS for alien bases and portals.

Natural phenomena or not, add one more item to the strangeness in Antarctica!!
(29) I will keep an open mind on something that might punch a hole through a sheet of ice the size of Lake Superior!

Also, an interesting video here....👇

(30) This one is a little "Left-field" but interesting none the less...

In 1945, toward the end of WW2, the British launched an expedition in Antarctica when they stumble upon a secret Nazi base.

There they were attacked by not only Nazis but Yeti too.😲🤯
(31) This story was told supposedly by a former SAS soldier and here is his account:

First before the expedition, the man was ordered to go into training and was not told about the nature of his mission.

He was also ordered not to talk to his comrades. It was only
(32) after they are done training when they talk about the nature of the mission.


"Thankfully, I was spared from participating in the war against Japan—but alas, I was posted to Palestine where the influx of Jews, allied with a rise in Zionist terrorism, was causing
(33) anguish not only to the inhabitants of Palestine but also to the British forces that were sent to stem the Jewish influx and quell the uprisings.

I was warned that my posting in Palestine would continue indefinitely.

I saw many of my fellow soldiers die.
(34) Thankfully, I received an order at the beginning of October 1945 to report to my commanding officer, as I had been selected for a mission so secret that none of my senior officers knew why I had been requested to go to Gibraltar.

I was not told why I had to report,
(35) but I went, hopeful that I would soon be discharged into Civvy Street.

How wrong I was: I would be spending another Christmas on a war footing.

Once I arrived on Gibraltar I was secreted away by a Major and informed that I would be sent to the Falkland Islands
(36) Dependencies for further briefing and that I would be joined by several other soldiers from other elite British forces.

The mystery thickened as we were all flown to the Falklands under complete silence.

We were ordered to not even speculate about why we had been
(37) selected and where we were going.

Upon reaching the desolate and forbidding Falkland Islands, we were introduced to the officer who was leading the expedition and a Norwegian who had served in the Norwegian Resistance, an expert in winter warfare who was going to be
(38) training us for the mission that we had no inkling about.

The Falklands is now considered the best-kept secret in the British Army, and being posted there normally meant an easy few years; however, things were different in the 1940s—even more so for those who had been
(39) selected with me.

We were forced to undertake a grueling month's training where we were prepared for cold-weather warfare.

From being plunged into the icy Atlantic to facing the elements in a tent on South Georgia, the training was arduous and there seemed little sense
(40) in the madness that we were forced to undertake.

However, after the month's training we were briefed by a Major and a scientist, and as the mission was relayed to us we all realized that there would be little chance of us all returning, especially if the suspicions proved
(41) correct."

They were told the Nazis are operating in Antarctica and that there are holdouts there.

They also acknowledge that there are some missing U boats and Nazi party officials.

However, that's not all..

There was a previous British expedition that went missing.
(42) Their last transmission was that they were attacked by Nazis and "Polar Men."

"Still, more and more revelations were forthcoming. The summer before, we were told, the original scientists and commandos had found an "ancient tunnel".
(43) After listening to the recording of the transmission, the SAS commanding officer said:

After the radio broadcast was played, we were then given a rousing speech from the Major who would be leading the expedition to investigate what had happened.
(45) While the story may be fabricated, the idea the Nazis found a secret warm area in Antarctica and set up a base there could be a possibility.

I do recall that Admiral Donitz mentioned how he was proud to build a sort of Shang-ri La in the other side of the world.
(46) He could be implying that he set up a base in Antarctica since Antarctica is on the other side of the world.

Honestly though, I'm not sure if he really said it.

In Operation High Jump, Admiral Byrd sent a massive military force to Antarctica and it seems a bit strange
(47) for a so called scientific expedition since previous expeditions required less people.

Whatever the case Antarctica is one mysterious place....

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