“If you can’t leave the protest for self-care, you can bring self-care to the protest” #DCProtests
“This is suppose to be holy ground? This is a battle ground! Where’s the footage? Where’s CNN? Why do we have footage on our phones that’s not on ABC, MSNBC, and CNN?”

One of “The Earl’s” after police try to move their free food and grill off the street. #DCProtests
“Been in combat 4 times. This is the real combat right here. This is the frontline. This is ‘the safe zone’ but there’s nothing safe about it when the sun goes down” — One of ‘The Earl’s’ last week before MPD ran them off from giving free food #DCProtests
Can’t choose one quote. All of it.
The whole damn thing #DCProtests
“We’re protesting and Occupying H Street for over 40 days. It’s mentally exhausting, it’s heartbreaking, it’s overwhelming. It’s hot. So we decided to provide a yoga class for everyone to check in w/their mental health.” #DCProtests
“Last night most of us here spent the night outside of the mayor’s house pleading for her to address the rampant use of excessive force & abuse of innocent civilians by MPD” #DCProtests at Mayors house last Friday until 3:30 a.m. #DefundThePolice
“This helps me calm down > any medicine ever prescribed through the VA. They should take notes”

Marine, DC Protester at benefits of Midnight Yoga to cope with PTSD from military and police attacks at home #DCProtests
Friendly reminder. It’s been hard out there at #DCProtests
“The tear gassing. The rubbe bullets. The intimidation. A bunch of cops on one person. It’s ridiculous.”
Yoga Instructor on #DCProtests
“In the military, I was in the Navy. They give the military “R&R”, rest and relaxation. We get that “R&R” Then we get back in that fight. This yoga is to keep the protest going”
— Lee Cantrell #DCProtests
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