If thirty days of Ramzan & forty of Lent is fasting, feasting & piety but Karwa Chauth is regressive..

If a flank of a cow is a gastronomical delight but a boiled dog at Yulin Dog Festival repulsive..
If a jockey whipped horse on the races is sporting but Jalikattu reminds you of animal rights..

If goat sacrifice at Eid is a time worn tradition but dogs traumatised at Diwali is cruel..
If you use rain showers, jacuzzis, swimming pools the year round but worry about wasting water on one Holi a year..

If hijab is choice but ghungat coercive..

If little Santas singing carols at malls are cute but little Hanumans make you fear ‘Hindutva’ influence..
If you won’t celebrate Diwali because of a convoluted definition of Majoritarianism but will flaunt Eid & Christmas as a badge of honour in Minoritarianism...

Then you need to ask yourself –
Why is my perception & understanding so selective ?

My concept of secularism so stunted ?

And most important why am I a mirror of very people I ridicule, albeit in English ?
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