Michael Jackson & World Leaders: A THREAD ⤵️⤵️⤵️

In May 1984 President Ronald Reagan & Nancy Reagan presented Michael with an award for his contribution for bringing awareness to the drunk driving program. He was given the Presidential Public Safety Communication Award.
In 1990, President George H.W. Bush presented Michael with the Artist of the Decade Award honoring him for his humanitarian efforts and artistic achievements.
Once again in 1992, Michael was deemed as the Point of Light Ambassador in recognition of his work in inviting disadvantaged children to Neverland & his efforts in numerous hospitals & orphanages.
In 1996, Nelson Mandela & Michael Jackson for the first time at a private birthday celebration. They met again in 1999 where Michael announced his charity concerts. He also presented a check to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.
Meeting South Korea’s new president in 1998, he had promised to spend nearly $100 million to create a theme park emulating his Neverland Ranch. He also attended the inauguration ceremony for Kim Dae Jung during his visit.
In 1988 Michael Jackson met with Princess Diana and Prince Charles And he donated $450,000 to the Princes Trust - a charity focusing on helping young adults with jobs, training & education.
In 2004, Capitol Hill was paid a visit by Michael to meet with a Congressman in his efforts to promote the fight in AIDS in Africa.
Michael was handed the key to the city in 1987 in the city of Osaka, Japan. (Bubbles ☺️☺️)
If you have more events of MJ meeting with leaders, post them below. 👇🏼 Michael was aware that he didn’t have to make a political stand to make a difference; Instead he advocated for human rights through his music & charitable efforts. We love & miss you. #MichaelJackson
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