Part 2 of my Q Anon Spiritual Warfare thread.

In the first part, I established who the cabal are, the "morals" they adhere to and some examples of their dark occult symbology

In this thread I'll be continuing to delve into the enemy and reveal their dark plans for all humanity
One shudders to imagine what the Cabals endgame would have been, had Hillary Clinton secured victory in the 2016 election and continued the satanic globalist agenda to depopulate the Earth and rule over the enslaved remaining few.

As Q bluntly stated "HRC Victory=Hell On Earth"
How do we know this to be the case?

Well, we don't have to look too far to find the answers.

As per the rest of their symbology, they've also gotten a sick thrill from rubbing their end-game in our faces for decades.

The Georgia Guidestones are but one of many examples
Erected in 1980, designed and paid for by a mysterious man using the pseudonym Robert C Christian, this eerie stonehenge-like monument calls for humankind to be:

"Maintained under 500,000,000"

@DrutangAtHome on Twitter has produced some fantastic threads delving deep into it...
Constructed by the non-existent "New World Airport Commission".

Denver International Airport is another sinister location offering us many blatant clues on the cabals endgame.

Featuring Creepy, prophetic murals & a huge satanic steed, it's almost certainly an NWO stronghold.
Predictive programming is the concept that ideas and symbology can designed to subliminally pre-program the public on a subconscious level.

Spread via Hollywood & News media with the end goal of forcing us to unwillingly accept the New World Order they wish to impose upon us.
Imagery depicting dystopian, totalitarian governments and the ensuing violence of civilian uprisings have been a popular, reoccurring theme across Hollywood films and Music Videos in recent years.

Now in 2020, we see this archetypal story being played out in reality
One would be easily forgiven for thinking that rioters fighting against an oppressive state system would be a good thing.

In most cases, however these events have been fueled by the deep state to further the NWO agenda and distract the population from the real, hidden threat.
"Ordo Ab Chao" or "Order out of Chaos" is the methodology that the Cabal has continually used to further their goals.

For example, faking terrorist attacks or inciting race riots to justify further control over the populace.

This is an example of the Hegelian Dialectic
The 9/11 world trade center attack was a false flag perpetrated by the Cabal that drastically accelerated their agendas on a planetary scale.

It enabled the unwarranted for-profit invasion of the Middle East, while at home it kickstarted the Orwellian mass surveillance state.
If you've been wondering why 2020s been such a wild ride, what we're experiencing appears to be the Deep State in its final death throes.

They're becoming increasingly desperate to usher in their New World Order any way they possibly can, stubbornly racing to the finishing line
Both the Coronavirus Pandemic and George Floyd race riots bear all the hallmarks of fake news driven psy-ops designed to rapidly usher in a totalitarian police state.

Recall the death of NBA star player Kobe Bryant.

I believe that he was ritually sacrificed to empower COVID19.
Once the populace is subdued, divided and wracked with both sickness & fear, the Cabal comes to the rescue with both a vaccine and vaccination ID system, both huge money makers for Deep State darlings Bill & Melinda Gates.

This goes deeper than massive profit margins though.
The mass micro-chipping of humanity will not be for our benefit.

Instead, it will function as the long prophesied "Mark of The Beast" enabling the States total control over each citizens lives, tracking their location in real time and enforcing a CCP style social credit system.
The biblical "Mark of The beast" prophecy also specifically states that it would be ushered in by the Antichrist, reside within the hand and its use would be explicitly required to engage in trade.

And now you see why we are being pushed to adopt a completely cashless society.
The good news is that it appears that these efforts to bring about the end-times and eradicate all life from this planet are being thwarted by the White Hat Alliance.

When the shadow war is finally over a golden age can finally begin on Earth.

A renaissance of love and light.
So ends Part 2.

Part 3 coming soon, where I speculate on what the future holds after the fall of the Cabal.

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