things bambam did that shouldn't be real but they are— a thread:
throwback to the good ol'days when bambam would tweet his own memes
bambam giving jaebeom a lap dance
bambam ending all girl group's career
bambam killing himself in their mafia game remains peak comedy
bambam dragging mark across the floor
yugbam's weird lollipop skit
bambam imitating changkyun
tbh i can no longer listen to you are without my subconscious hearing bambam's skrrrt skrrrt
bambam doing some extra shit while the members was busy doing vlive
just bambam and his weird ass noise
youngjae saying bambam was naked when they first met will never not be funny 🤣
when he asked for the interviewer's tinder profile
bambam: coco doesn't like me
also bambam:
bambam's la
when bambam danced to blackpink's ddu-du-ddu-du with a wig
yugyeom vibing to runaway during his vlive and then there's bambam...
when he deadass made jackson wait forever just to go shopping
bambam: prince of thailand
also bambam: farts on national tv/shows
i mean who would forget bambam's "how do u know im not big"
🐥: you look like my next boyfriend
🐍: I don't.. I don't be.. I'm not gonna be your next.. man! not gonna be your next. If you have someone right now.. nah.. don't talk to me..

savage bambam strikes again
bambam's iconic "namja"
savage level 9999
broke the mic during their concert
when he switched roles with an ahgases and pretended to be the fan 😭
when he believed there was a ghost in their dorm and he asked his mom for help to know what the ghost actually wants
ending this thread with bambam's own zumba session 🥺 BEST BOY
end of thread ❣️ stan got7, stan bambam!!
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