Dear Nevada @GovSisolak,
With the climbing number of covid cases in our state I have a pretty basic and straightforward question I would like answered by you.

Q- Why are you not demanding that those who test positive be immediately placed on hydroxychloriquine AND at the
same time require all members of the household to be placed on the treatment. We have all seen the videos by Dr. Fauci in 2005 & again in 2010 stating the efficacy of the treatment has been determined to kill the virus within 5 days. Thankfully, my brother, who lives in another
state, and a chemo patient was placed on the drug and a ventilator. The virus was dead in 5 days. He remained on the vent for another 15 days and taking two attempts to get him off of the vent. My brother is at home & thriving. If he had lived in Nevada he would have died
under your rules. I understand you are a communist and it serves your personal goals for control, greed & power to keep us sick, locked up, out of work. I understand you are deeply involved in the take down of America. I understand the need for you & your communist abeters need
us broke, hungry & homeless so that we will be amenable to any bone you throw at us. People - Steve Sisolak is a wanna be one percenter as are most of the communist governors and mayors. What they fail to factor in is that if these useful idiots succeed in fulfilling the actual
goals for the left and right one percenters - getting them into office to rule and enact a tyranical government, the available seats for newcomers will be very very limited. It is pretty much a closed club of elite supremacists.
Yes - the one percenters believe they should govern our country! Read the previous sentence again. Recoginize that is who we are fighting. That is our enemy. One percenters feel there is no suitable place for us lowly middleclass at their table.
This group will employ whatever is necessary to take down whoever. They know if the President isn’t on the ticket we don’t go to the polls. What that means Sisolak is that you need to seriously consider your future. You could just as easily be relegated back to serfdom
with the rest of us. I don’t see how that could be remotely healthy for you. The communist one percenters would love to engage us in civil war. How utterly stupid of them. Really, while they are trying to determine their gender or figure out which bathroom to use, or fill and
freeze water bottles, make malatov cocktails we are locked, loaded and target in sight. How utterly stupid of them to think the police and military would not join us. How utterly stupid of them to know if civil war occurred to believe they would not be the first to be taken.
No no no - I don’t want civil war. What I am stating is that you and the one percenters are under estimating where we are, the point at which we will say enough is enough. What I am saying is that you are thinking in the present tense and have not thought of the future for you &
your families and certainly not our future. So, Governor Sisolak if you have a modicum of honesty, integrity, and character you will quickly reverse course.
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