Not ONLY am I in Twitter jail, we also have ZERO POWER NOW! It’s affecting over 10k+ power users! Its HOT in Texas!! Send some virtual ICE as well as a sandwich since I’m in twitter jail, THANKS.
And now my phone is down to 10% left. I was charging it when the power went out. And it’s getting dark out, lovely! I better shut down to save my battery just in case haha. Thanks for ALL the ICE and Sandwiches!
I NOW have POWER! Still in Twitter jail but I can handle that! My house got up to 81 inside which wasn’t horrible. My dogs didn’t like it that much though as their use to being comfortable inside little Patriots, lol. Big shout out to all the men&women that got it up running! I
Know they will never see the tweet but I had to say that! Thanks to all for the comments they were GREAT!!
You all are GREAT Patriots!! Thanks 4 ALL the support. It makes me feel like a little wimp when the power goes out. I can only take off so much clothing before u get into a real jail, haha. Winter time for me is much better being without power than the 97 it was when it went out
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