1/7 Tonight Dad spoke with a different farmer at a different beaver site. The farmer’s having problems with his drainage due to the dams. He’s installed his own deceivers, but they were unfortunately unsuccessful
#Beavers #NatureBasedSolutions
2/7 He contacted SNH who gave him some advice over the phone & rather than exhausting all possible mitigations, they issued the farmer a licence for the beavers to be shot. As yet, the farmer hasn’t as he doesn’t want to
3/7 Instead, he continually removes parts of the dam before the beavers rebuild again. He also said that the burn where the beavers are used to be lined with trees. Once the beavers started felling them, he decided to cut the rest down himself
4/7 He cut them down because he did not know about beaver behaviour. He did not know about how they coppice the trees & that most will regrow. That is not his fault. Most people are not aware of this. They see beaver behaviour as damage & destruction
5/7 Beavers are known as a keystone species & ecosystem engineer. They create new habitat which boosts biodiversity & tackles the effects of climate change
6/7 They are a vital element in one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. A country which was the first to declare climate emergency and has acknowledged this also means a biodiversity crisis
7/7 We need to do so much better by the beavers, a protected native species in Scotland. We need education. We need all mitigations to be exhausted. We need to be working together. We do not need licenses to shoot beavers to be handed out like sweets. We need relocations
Please do consider signing this petition urging the govt to translocate beavers over shooting them
https://twitter.com/treesforlifeuk/status/1286678572464250883?s=21 https://twitter.com/treesforlifeuk/status/1286678572464250883
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