a thread🤞;
i am gonna take y’all to my perspective as to how this boy right here caught my attention and why i automically realized that he, daniel, deserves to debut!🤞
starting w/ this, how daniel was the one who brought up the thought of eating if ever someone was hungry, this was a very nerve wrecking moment for them and to think that he’s the youngest he thought about easing up and lifting up the vibe by eating smthn
this boy right here lso knows how to cook (jay lso) daniel’s what, 14? having a cook in the group could be useful ya know? but it’s not just that!
this boy right here is very thoughtful, he found out there were beverages. his automatic instinct was to get some of it and share it with his hyungs. they don’t know e/o that well yet but he’s already taking care of them
remember during the iblankue interview, there was a question “what are u most afraid of?” daniel’s answer was “people” that being said that our boy here, daniel, is still doing his best on socializing w/ others, and getting along w/ others no matter his fears are
when ej was eliminated, daniel was there to comfort his hyung. and even before eliminating started, he was there by his side. till now it still tears me up remembering what daniel said “i really want to stay here with you” but y’all know what happened fter that so-
i think daniel best boy
daniel can also do beatbox, a multitalented boy
i think daniel best boy lso cuz remember that time when they were distributing parts for the into the iland? it was the fth time of jay trying his best to get a good part, daniel was sitting by his side patting his shoulders, comforting him. and then daniel made a gesture to+
heeseung to pick jay for the next part.
i think daniel best boy lso cuz he did so well during the slogan song even though his parts weren’t that long. he even got a compliment from the producers, saying that they weren’t expecting daniel to look so focused
i also think in this performance that daniel has great facial expressions, he looked passionate on what he was doing. y’all should stream daniel’s into the iland fancam🤞
in here we can see how daniel cheers up his hyungs, he looks so clingy here but we can all agree that daniel best boy right? he being the sunshine he is just wanna cheer up his groupmates. if y’all can hear these pics then say i
daniel’s reaction when he got the second highest score 70 from their first test. also the producers complimenting him, saying how focused he is, thus not having many lines but he had control over it. he looked so happy here, must protect.
adding these here
look how happy he was with his score, must protect at all cost
yes, daniel was sent to the ground. but that didn’t stopped him from trying harder and showing more of what he is really capable of
remember when he and ej reunited? he was happy to see his friend. and how even more happy and supportive daniel was when he saw ej’s card flashed on the screen
nonetheless of being in the ground, daniel still thrived on what is there to do, to showcase better his talents and what he is really capable of. here’s a clip of rain training them, daniel really thrives for the best even during practices
during their fire performance, daniel shocked me even more with his great facial expressions. even though he didn’t got much lines, his vocal was still on point. forgot to mention also that daniel is a good dancer
daniel really do gives his best in every performance, please show him more appreciation and love, he deserves it. stream his fire fancam right here
also adding, remember during fire practice? when kyungmin wasn’t feeling that well. niki was trying to talk him out of it to do even better, saying to kyungmin what he shouldn’t and should do. the vibe there was starting to get a bit heavy, daniel walked in their+
conversation, trying to convince niki that kyungmin wasn’t feeling that well and so maybe to just let him be for a bit since again, kyungmin wasn’t feeling his best
being the youngest is a lot of pressure also, since you don’t know what everyone may be expecting from you. but i think daniel is raised that way, in which he just wants for everyone to be united and get along with each other. to talk and settle things in a orderly manner
when they were picking who will sing save me, daniel volunteered along with sungchul and sunoo. but he didn’t won the part since his throat was not in the best condition due to their performance of fire. but still, he tried and that matters.
even though it wasn’t official yet that he’ll be singing in save me. daniel still practiced, and worked hard. even practicing his facial expressions in front of their ipad. he wrote down notes and stuff as well, keeping a piece of paper.
when the producers were there to check up on them, daniel was given a chance to sing the song. yes of course he was nervous but he was able to pull it off flawlessly. and yes, even during practices daniel gives his best. he even received compliments from the producers.
i tell you the producers love daniel, periodt.
the grounders took the producers’ advice and the opportunity was passed to daniel to perform save me
during this i loved daniel even more, i realized how much he deserves to debut. how dedicated he is in performing and giving out a great performance
this is my favorite part of him singing save me, he really shined here (sunoo as well) this part which i really love because of how he flawlessly adjusted to a different tone. i am not an expert so idk what it’s called but this part really hit different especially the+
neol buleujanh-a
his dancing was really on point, it fit with his body proportions since he has tall legs. plus the facial expressions, he was really feeling the song.
stream sunoo and daniel’s performance of save me. these two deserves to debut🤞
don’t ever forget to vote for daniel tomorrow if ever he’ll be included in the voting list! lso stream his individual fancam of save me
daniel cried after their performance and until now it still hurts me even when thinking about it. he already did so good yet he still thinks he could’ve done better🥺 daniel bestest boy i think
also adding this during the iblankue interview, the question “if u have a wish what would it be?” daniel’s answer “i want to make the world a peaceful place” “if only i could”
daniel bestest boy
i dont know daniel personally but based off from what i’ve seen, he’s one of the purest person i’ve ever known. he lwys does this whnvr something nerve wrecking is about to happen or whnvr he’s nervous. like he is praying. daniel bestest boy.
adding this here, daniel’s reaction when their score was shown. he stood still for a bit at a corner while watching the others, later on walking up to them, to jungwon, giving e/o a hug. jungwon comforted him as he cried on his shoulders
daniel cried after knowing about their score, if only he knows how much we are proud of him and how we genuinely think that he already did so well in that performance
let’s make sure that the next time we’ll be seeing daniel cry again will be the day of his debut🤞
i hope that you, the person reading this rn, have or will cast one of your vote for daniel. this boy deserves to debut, he haves true potential to be an idol. and he’s one of the most genuine and purest person that i’ve ever known. also a very hardworking and passionate kid🤞
a preview of daniel during their next performance👇 dandelions let’s make sure it won’t be the last. let’s keep on voting for daniel💙 he deserves it🤞
ADDING a little tmi about daniel so you’ll get to know more about him, crdts to the idea of a fellow dandelion of mine💙 @GoldenPurple30
based off of daniel’s profile his mbti is INFJ (introvert, intuitive, feeling, judging) also meaning that infj’s are “deeply concerned about their relations with individuals as well as the state of humanity at large. they are, in fact, sometimes mistaken for extroverts+
because they appear so outgoing and are so genuinely interested in people”

we can really reflect on daniel’s behavior by this, despite his fear he still does his best to genuinely get along w/ his groupmates. and despite being the youngest among all applicants he already haves+
this mature way of thinking and empathizes w/ what those who are around him would be feeling, and he stands as a pillar for them to be able to understand one another more and to settle things by talking and seeing things in different perspectives by empathizing with e/o
daniel only did not just once lift up or help a heavy vibe go light but more than a few times also
adding a question during the iblankue interview “if i choose a song that can represent myself it would be” daniel’s answer “dean sunbaenim’s instagram”
when you listen to the song and do some research about it’s behind meaning, it actually haves a deep behind the lyrics message. and i think this song says a lot about daniel and how he feels irl.

daniel is in the ground so he’s place for the top12 is at stake, i encourage you to add him in your votes💙 this boy really deserves it, i really tell you🤞
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