🇨🇦 PSA Thread to all Canadian Doctors:

You're soon going to get an influx of Disability Tax Credit form requests from disabled patients.

This is bc there's now a 60 day window to apply for the DTC to be eligible for the 1 time federal $600 benefit.

Things to be mindful of: 1/
- When you get asked to fill out a DTC form by patient who has a disability that interferes w/ day to day function, *physical or neurological*, fill out the forms no matter what the diagnosis is.

IMO requirements for the DTC are simply there to deter ppl from applying. I've — 2/
—heard many stories from patients that their Doctor won't fill it out bc they don't think they'd qualify due to the diagnosis not being physical/ "severe" enough. (Often w/ examples like being bedridden) This stereotype doesn't reflect all DTC holders. They should still apply 3/
- If you've already filled out forms
for this patient before & they've
gotten denied, pls try again
in more detail. Personally, I've never
met anyone who has gotten the DTC
on their first try within the past 10yrs. I myself got it on my 3rd attempt last yr when I renewed 4/
- When you're asked to fill out a DTC form, pls remember the reason the form is needed is bc the patient is disabled, broke & in need rn. They don't have the $ to pay fees. I know it's your decision to charge for these services, but pls show compassion for ppl during this time 5/
- When you're filling out the forms for your patients, your part's the deciding factor. It's all in the wording you use to describe not only what the diagnosis is, but in detail HOW it disables them in their daily life. You need to be thorough in explaining how it impairs them 6/
- To ensure you have a proper understanding of exactly how your patient's disability impairs their day to day function is to speak w/ them before you fill it out, or as you fill it out. You may know about the diagnosis, but only the patient knows how the diagnosis impairs them 7/
~ Fill out the DTC forms if asked, no matter the diagnosis or prior application experience
~ Use compassion when deciding if you'll charge
~ Be detailed in describing how the diagnosis impairs the patient
~ Communication w/ the patient is key to a successful application
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