Wanna see Con hypocrisy?
A thread on just one or many crooked Cons, @PierrePoilievre
While you're here, another thread
(8) #cdnpoli
Jesse is a grifter with a grudge
#cdnpoli https://twitter.com/Learning2GetBy/status/1283590098911744000?s=19
Also (9)
And Krause is a quack (thread) https://twitter.com/Learning2GetBy/status/1286022941302501376?s=19
Also, PP once wrote an essay in which he argued, among other things, for a two-term limit for all Members of Parliament.

He did not win the competition and is now in his sixth term as an MP.
#cdnpoli https://twitter.com/gtlem/status/1290827966855942145?s=19
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