You all know the high profile races to unseat McConnell in KY and Graham in SC, but here is a thread of every challenger to a republican seat in the Senate (who has made it through a primary) and every sitting democrat who could use your donations and support:
First and foremost: @DougJones is running for re-election in Alabama, and he’s facing a tough race in a tough state. He has been a great senator for AL, and they deserve to keep him.
Mississippi deserves a senator who cares about people, and who didn’t change parties to make it easier to win in his state, like Cindy Hyde-Smith did. Help @MikeEspyMS throw her out!
More on the way— just taking a break for a bit, but this should get you started!
Thom Tillis narrowly won NC in 2014. In 2016, he started out protecting Mueller, only to turn into a Trump lackey to avoid a redder challenger. With republican approval down, veteran @CalforNC has a real chance to take this opportunistic sycophant’s place.
Investigative journalist and attorney @abbybroyles is taking on Inhofe, who is seeking a FIFTH term to advocate for a constitutional ban in gay marriage, among other extreme, dinosaur positions. Let’s get her some attention and some $ in this race!
Former SD legislator (both in the state House and Senate) @ahlers_dan is running against Mike Rounds, who keeps spreading conspiracy theories about COVID, further endangering Americans we’ve already lost so many. Let’s throw Rounds out and put Ahlers in!
WV needs a senator who isn’t beholden you corporate interests and wants money OUT of politics. @paulajean2020 (whose last name, I kid you not, is “Swearengin”— get it?!) is dedicated to fighting for her constituents, not corporations.
I’ll add more as more primaries are decided, but let’s remember no state is a permanently red state— find a race or two or ten to adopt, and let’s GET THE SENATE BACK TO THE PEOPLE!
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