I think most people who don't live in Ohio don't get how big the Larry Householder scandal is.

Yes, Householder allegedly laundered a $60 million bribe from lobbyists through a dark money group. But the bigger story is *what* he got bribed to do.
Last year, Ohio passed HB6, which has been called one of the worst energy bills of the 21st century.

It bailed out several failing coal and nuclear plants, wiped out renewable energy subsidies, and canceled a $4 billion program to help Ohioans make energy efficiency upgrades.
The allegation from federal prosecutors is that the $60 million bribe Householder accepted was facilitated by lobbyists from FirstEnergy — who were basically the only ones leaning on him to pass this bill.
And there needs to be a much broader reckoning than just the criminal charges against Householder.

Gov. Mike DeWine signed the bill. A majority of Republicans in the state House and Senate passed it. So many hands are dirty. Everyone should have to answer for it.
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