oh ye im watching avatar rn for the first time ig
why can appa fly
Wait no he swimming
prince zuko is scary
also whats that red thing he has around his eye
Wait isnt aang the avatar? Does he know it?
re they dworning
What is aang doing 👁👄👁
Wait it was a dream???? 👁👄👁
Call me gram-gram
airbending stick!
aang crash
Is Sokka jealous of not having like magic stuff
licc stick 👁👅👁
that’s my aang impression
Zuko Damn calm down pls boy
roast ducc 🦆
There’s a war?
Another water tribe?
penguin want fishie
A fire ship???
Aang friends with fire?
fire bender friends*
100 years in a Iceberg? yep he must be the avatar
boobie trap
omfg It’s in the title im a fuckin idiot
next episode
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