In 2012 when Romney announced Paul Ryan, I knew we would win the election.

(until the Denver debate that is, but I digress.)

Here's why:

Because we could run against the Ryan Budget.

It slashed Medicare and Social Security. Democrats successfully messaged against it and it was extremely unpopular. There were ads of Ryan pushing grandma's wheelchair over a cliff.

And Romney had just taken ownership of that.

Campaign narratives aren't something you can map out in advance. They tend to emerge.

Slashing poverty programs led to "car elevators" and "vultures capitalism."

The 47% was a lucky accident but it fit right in. That's what made it so damaging.

And that's how we beat him.

The number one job the VP pick s "First, do no harm."

I'm not saying Ryan was a bad pick. I'm sure the other contenders had shortcomings, and Ryan brought a lot to the table.

I'm saying they had a blind spot about how we would exploit that weakness.

No campaign is perfect.
This is what would happen with Elizabeth Warren's $52 Trillion socialized medicine plan.

This would allow GOP to pull their original plan out of the trashcan and run against the party of Bernie Sanders.

It's not Biden's plan, but the Ryan Budget wasn't Romney's plan.

GOP would say we supported a middle-class tax increase, and they'd have their own receipts.

Down-ballot Dems would be accused of supporting socialism and they wouldn't be able to deny it.

Her plan is literally socialized medicine. All the spin in the world won't change that.
There are a dozen reasons she's the wrong pick, but this is the only reason that matters. And it matters.

No, I don't "hate" her but I'm beyond disgusted that insists on putting her own ego over the good of the party.

This year the narrative could have unfolded a variety of ways, but here's where I see it going:

Nobody (normal) hates Joe Biden. To know him is to admire him. He's not perfect- no one is- but no one can deny he has impeccable character. A truly fine person.

The anti-Trump.

The narrative will evolve from there.

Biden is a wonderful father. Trump is... not.

Biden is known for his empathy. Trump is... not.

Biden is centering racial justice. Trump is... not.

Biden is qualified to lead our country out of this living hell. Trump is... not.


You aren't going to be able to completely control the narrative, but you don't have to make it easy for them.

Letting them run against "Warren & Bernie's $52 T plan to raise your taxes and take your healthcare" would be suicide. Don't do it.

Don't worry. Biden won't.

As @k1k2lee pointed out, that's why Biden was such a strong complement to Obama.

Taking the train home to Delaware every night for 40 years was perfectly in line with the "Washington outsider" campaign Obama wanted to run.

Someone mentioned Sarah Palin.

Aside from the obvious, that's an excellent example of a campaign being so committed to a narrative that they overlooked far more important considerations.

The back story:

McCain wanted to run with Lieberman. He was firm on this. It was Lieberman. They didn't even vet anyone else.

A week before the convention, GOP said "No your are not choosing a pro-choice running mate. Not on your life."

Negotiations ensued, the money prevailed.

Now what?

Flash back: Weekly Standard had one of those cruises where you to hobnob with Bold Face Names. They docked in Anchorage and Sarah Palin invited Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes to the governor's mansion.

She laid on the charm, and they wrote all these fawning stories about her.

Back to 2008. Steve Schmidt had to find a running mate in less than a week. He googled "Female GOP Governors" and found all those rave reviews about Palin.

Politically talented, Good Family Values, she took on the oil companies...

Some people considered her... a maverick.

That's all it took. McCain was sold.

And as we all know, none of it turned out to be true.

She's not the reason they lost, but running against the real Sarah Palin was WAY easier than running against the candidate they thought she would be.

Vetting matters.

Damn, that would have saved me so many characters 😂
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