First a quick summary of the background you need to know that almost everyone misses.

You need to understand this & it's easy.

Let's start with Russia in 1990s, when @BillClinton was President - this is pre-Putin.

Communism fell, and Russia's leader was Yeltsin.
Yeltsin was puppets, backed by Clinton and US advisors.

And whole most Americans were happy to see Communism fall and didn't pay any attention to what was going on in Russia in the 1990s, Clinton connected people were making money.

Lots of money.
How much?

In January 1996, New York Magazine reported on "the money plane" that Russian mobsters / bankers / oligarchs were flying as much as one billion a DAY in freshly minted US currency from New York's JFK airport to Russia.
If you want a deep dive on this, read this amazing article by the late Robert Friedman.

It talks about the bank connected to the laundering -- Bank Menatep and the Russian oligarch who bought it...

Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
About Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Never heard of him?

You want to see what a media conspiracy of silence looks like?

Go to a search engine...

Type "Senate Resolution 322 2006"

Show me a mainstream media article on Senate Resolution 322.

They aren't any.
What is it?

Res.322 - A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate on the trial, sentencing and imprisonment of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. 109th Congress

It supports Khodorkovsky, the guy you've never heard of because the media isn't talking about him.
Senate Resolution 322 had one sponsor.

Senate Resolution 322 had only TWO co-sponsors.

The men who would run "against" each other in 2008 for President.

@BarackObama & @SenJohnMcCain

Heads, the elites win.

Tails, you lose.
Mikhail Khodorkovsky was the richest man in Russia during the 1990s, because he had acquired Bank Menatep (the money laundering bank I mentioned a few of tweets back) and the Yukos Oil.

Yukos was the biggest oil company in Russia, which has a lot of oil.
Here's a headline you aren't seeing.


And it's a fact.

Go look up Senate Resolution 322.

It's not disputed, it's just not REPORTED.

Because Khodorkovsky is one of the elites.
Khodorkovsky does get some press.

He likes to talk about a "post-Putin Russia."

Of course he does.

After Putin came to power and shut down the criminal oligarchs, he sent Khodorkovsky to prison.
And Khodorkovsky IS an elite.

When Putin sent him to prison, Khodorkovsky gave controlling shares in Yukos to the Rothschilds.
This 2003 @nytimes article was before Khodorkovsky's arrests shows his elite connections -- Kissenger, the Carlyle Group, Democrats, Republicans. .
Here's Khodorkovsky with George W. Bush

Starting to get the picture?

This is what Russiagate is REALLY about.

And @JoeBiden is right in the middle of it.
Not sure about that?

How does this have anything to do with Russiagate?

You've heard of the Magnitsky Act?

The thing the Trump Tower meeting was about?

It's not about Human Rights.

It's about Yukos and Khodorkovsky.

Introduced by @SenJohnMcCain.

Signed by @BarackObama
Just as aside to Senate Resolution 322, the bill supporting Khodorkovsky.

322 is the 'secret number' of Yale's secret society Skull and Bones.
And it's an many Skull and Bones people relate to Russiagate and the Magnitsky Act and Khodorkovsky.

The Bushes.

John Kerry.

Steve Mnuchin, who co-administers the Magnitsky list.

Robert Kagan, Brookings Fellow whose wife is Victoria Nuland.
If we move out just a little bit from that circle...

Brookings -- where Bonesman Kagan has a been a fellow for years - was run for about two decades by Stobe Talbott.

Kagan's wife Nuland worked for Strobe Talbott.

Nuland also worked for Dick Cheney, who worked for W & HW.
Bonesman John Kerry and Jonathan Winer have worked together for over 35 years.

Winger is the lawyer and lobbyist for both Khodorkovsky and Bill Brower, the people at the center of the Trump Tower meeting.

Winer introduced Steele to the State Department and Nuland.
Strobe Talbott was Bill Clinton's roommate at Oxford, where Talbott was translating Khrushchev's memoirs.

Talbott effectively ran Russian policy during Bill Clinton's administration, when elite-connected oligarchs like Khodorkovsky were stealing Russian assets.
Now let's introduce some other VERY important players to the mix.

Nobody talks about the Shearer family but once you see who they are & their role in Russiagate & the Clintons, you'll KNOW why nobody talks about them.

Father: Lloyd Shearer.
Sons: Derek & Cody
Daughter: Brooke.
From Lloyd Shearer's New York Times Obit:

Note the Kissinger and Clinton / Hillary connections.

"Bill Clinton slept here."

Note his son Derek Shearer was an ambassador under Clinton.
Derek Shearer graduated Yale in 1968.

His roommate there was Strobe Talbott

As I showed you earlier, Strobe Talbott would go on to become Bill Clinton's flatmate at Oxford the next year.

This connection is very important to understanding Russiagate.
Strobe Talbott was much more than Derek Shearer's roommate at Yale in 1968.

Strobe married into the Shearer, marrying Lloyd Shearer's only daughter Brooke Shearer.

Brooke would become one of Hillay Clinton's closest aides.

She passed away in 2009.
Brooke Shearer's twin brother is Cody Shearer.

I'll get to more of the Shearer's 50+ year connections to @BillClinton & subsequently @HillaryClinton shortly, but let's make this very current & show why these people are CENTRAL to Russiagate.

Cody Shearer created a dossier.
In this tweet by @RealSLokhova she points out that in his London defamation case, it came out Steele was hired in early May,

Tweet >
So far, everything I've shown you is a confirmed fact. Click links and see.

Let's do a LITTLE conjecture to develop a working theory of what happened and see if it fits all the facts.

Cody Shearer and Sid Blumenthal create a dossier but they have a problem…

What problem?
So, how does Clintonland get the info to the DOJ / FBI?

Information Laundering.

You've heard of money laundering.: a complex sequence of transfers or transactions to make illegally obtained money (i.e. “dirty money”) into legal money (“clean money”).
Think about this.

The EASY way to get the Shearer Dossier to the FBI / DOJ is just to GIVE it to them


Have a meeting, give them the Sheaer Dossier.

No middleman needed at all.

What do they do?

We KNOW what they did.

Let's start with Kerry's guy, Jonathan Winer.
Back in February 2018, Jonathon Winer writes an Op-Ed for @washingtonpost and admits the following:

In September 2016, Sid Blumenthal gives Winer the Shearer Dossier.

Winer gives it to Steele.

Steele gives it to the FBI.

Steele is the middleman. 
This Information Laundering happens all OVER Russiagate.

A buch of people got the infomartion to the FBI.

The same info, over a period of months.

My conjecture: Steele was brought in to be the middleman, to give the Clintonland group Clean Hands.

Like Kerry's Winer admits
Another example : Strobe Talbott gave the Steele dossier to Fiona Hill, who would become a key witness in the impeachment of @POTUS.

Do you think they that Cody Shearer didn't tell his brother-in-law Strobe Talbott about HIS dossier?

I have no hard proof of this but DURRRR.
But we know the basics, factually.

The Shearer dossier came first.

Steele is brought in later.

Tthere's a lot of Information Laundering going on throughout the entire story that covers the real origin of Trump / Putin story with the people closest to the Clintons.


To understand that, let's look at Derek Shearer & see how he ties DIRECTLY to major source of Disinformation in Russia.

The Trump Tower meeting.

Pretty much EVERYONE pro or anti @POTUS gets the Trump Tower meeting wrong.

It's crucial.

And connects to Derek Shearer.
When I say EVERYONE gets the Trump Tower meeting wrong, let's examine both incorrect views quickly.

Russiagate / Anti-Trump : The meeting shows collusion between Trump team and Russia.

Spygate / Pro-Trump: The meeting was a set-up by the Russians.

Both wrong. It matters.
In fact, there's been a very deliberate effort to make sure there are two FALSE version of the Trump Tower Meeting story.

There's a version for the Left / Democrats : Russiagate.

A version for the Right / Republicans : Spygate.

The person behind BOTH versions: @BillBrowder
Let's untangle this with a couple of undisputed facts.

The Trump Tower Meeting was about The Magnitsky Act and @BillBrowder.

Bill Browder is the public face and main spokesperson for the Magnitsky Act.

Nobody denies either fact here, including Browder.
Do you agree with the following statement?

Creating a "false alternative" is a common propaganda technique that is increasingly effective in an era where people stay inside Predictable, partisan media bubbles like Fox vs MSNBC.
Let's look at Bill Browder's relationship with Fox News.

There's nothing about Bill Browder that makes him someone the Fox News audicece would like.

Lifelong Democrat.
Renounced US Citizenship when he was making money in Russia in 90s, when Clinton was President.
Further, Bill Browder comes from a communist family.

His Grandfather Earl Browder was the head of the US Communist Party.

Earl Browder was a spy for Stalin.

Fox News & their shills like Dan Bongino NEVER talk about this.

Dan will probably block you if you ask about it.
Why does Fox News treat Browder like a hero and give him appearance after appearance?

Look at the lobbying for the Magnitsky Act.

Both the House and Senate version of the bill were financed in part by Fox News' parent, News Corp.

Remember : Bill Browder is the public face of the Magnitsky Act.

But the bill was put together by interests in the UK and Jonathon Winer, the lawyer for both Browder and that Russian Oligarch I talked about at the beginning of this thread.

Biden-connected Khodorkovsky.
To recap: the subject of the Trump Tower Meeting was the Magnitsky Act, put together by Winer, Browder, Khodorkovsky who are all connected to other key players in Russiagate like Christopher Steele, Kerry, Nuland, and Sid Blumenthal.

But what about the Shearers?
Derek Shearer is a professor at Barack Obama's alma mater, Occidental.

Remember, Derek's brother Cody Shearer put together the first dossier that was a template for the Steele Dossier & passed to the FBI by Steele.

Read Derek Shearer's bio.
There's a lot in Derek Shearer's biography, but let's focus two things that tie Derek Shearer's interests to the Trump Tower Meeting and Bill Browder.

See he's the director of the "McKinnon Institute" & worked with Ziff Brothers Investments?
The clear thing to notice here is the connection of Derek Shearer to Ziff Brothers Investments.

In the Trump Tower Meeting, Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya discussed the connection of the Ziff Brothers, major Democrat donors, to Bill Browder and his tax avoidance scam.
It's established that the Ziff Brothers Investments & Bill Browder were a major topic at the Trump Tower Meeting.

An internet search will verify this, although very few stories cover.

I was the first person to report on the Derek Shearer / Ziff connection.
I've been honored to have the great investigative reporter @LucyKomisar on my old radio show a number of times.

If you want a deep dive, read this article.

I believe this is why Manafort a gag order.

He understood.
One of the documents that @LucyKomisar found shows that another Ziff executive named Ian McKinnon's name is on one of the shell companies.

Do you remember the name McKinnon from somewhere?
The great @LucyKomisar goes into detail about what Veselnitskaya laid out in this very well vetted article.

The Ziffs and Browder has a chain of shell companies to hide who really was buying the Gazprom shares.

Remember, Derek Shearer worked for Ziff.
One of the documents that @LucyKomisar found shows that another Ziff executive named Ian McKinnon's name is on one of the shell companies.

Do you remember the name McKinnon from somewhere?
Oh, right.

Derek Shearer is a professor at Occidental College's "McKinnon Center for Global Affairs."

Is that coincidence that there's a Center for Globabl affairs with the same name as a Ziff Brothers executive?

Well, no.
This would SEEM to have all the making of a big story for Fox News!

Longtime Clinton Friend and Political Booster is a Professor at Obama's Alma Mater and Both He and tje College Are Linked to a Tax Dodge Scheme with Lifelong Dmocrat Whose Commie Family Spied for Stalin.
But remember I showed you eariler.

New Corop SPONSORED the Magnitsky Act.

So Fox News and their shills like Dan Bongino and John Solomon will NEVER TELL YOU THE TRUTH.

So "Spygate"

They can't deny it, though, can they?
Do you agree with the following statement?

I am okay with a reporter covering up key details about Russiagate if...

1) that reporter is worried that Rupert Murdoch won't like it


2) that reporter want to keep appreaing on Fox News to hawk their books / website.
Let's go a little deeper into the Clinton's history with the Shearer family -- Parade magaine editor Lloyd Shearer, sons Derek and Cody, and daughter Brooke and her husband Strobe Talbott, Bill's flatmate at Oxford in 1969.

These people are the Clinton's most impoerant allies.
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