Amazon founder Jeff Bezos broke records yesterday as he saw the largest ever growth in wealth in one day.

The mogul earned a whopping $13 billion dollars in just 24 hours, bringing his net worth to $189.3 billion.

So the social desk at @MetroUK set themselves a challenge to spend Jeff Bezos' money.

Trust us, it's harder than you think it would be.
We started with the important and helpful things.

Let's eradicate global malnutrition, polio and malaria.

Working off current suggested figures for those three major issues combined, Bezos still has a grand total of $149 billion.
OK. Now Jeff is a busy boy and he needs something to unwind with.

Sport is a great way to blow off stress and bond with your mates.

So let's buy him the entire Premier League, estimated at $5.7 billion.

That leaves us with $143.3 billion.
We still have a lot to spend. So how can we dent this obscene sum?

Jeff needs a fighter jet, because what billionaire CEO doesn't need a small army at his disposal.

Ten F-22 Raptors. That should do it. $1.4 billion.

Left over: $141.9 billion.
If we have planes, we need cars.

Big Daddy Bezos needs a good car.

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire is the most expensive car in the world.

Let's get him one for each day of the week and special ones for Christmas, Easter and his birthday.

He still has $140,100,000,000 billion.
We've ended malnutrition, sure. But people are still hungry.

We've decided to buy a Big Mac meal for everyone in China.

$8.3 billion worth of burgers, fries and fizzy pop leaves us with $131,800,000,000.
Ridiculously rich men need ridiculously expensive houses, and what is more ridiculous than the London housing market?

The five most expensive houses in London cost $263m, which is pocket change to Bezos. Let's take them.

After all we're still left with $131,537,000,000.
Socrates once wrote that an education obtained with money is worse than no education at all.

But he's never had to apply for a student loan so what does he know?!

America's most expensive college is Vassar, let's send J-Money on a four year course.

$131,536,760,452 remains
He's completed college now, let's send him on a gap year.

He's already used his 10 cars and 10 fighter jets. Let's get him a yacht.

Roman Abramovich currently owns the world's most expensive yacht. But that only takes $1.5 billion from our account leaving $130,036,760,452.
Cheers to the UK! đŸ»

The next round is on Jeff! One pint for everyone in the UK, comes in at $335.17m.

Despite Jeff getting one in for the Brits, he still has $129,701,590,452.
A mass pub crawl across the British Isles is tiring work. Let's go on holiday! 🌮

A year on Richard Branson's privately owned Necker Island should suffice.

And with a price tag of $17 billion, that makes our bank total $112,701,590,452.
The Rolling Stones are not only legends, but they also used to come with the most expensive concert tickets.

Let's say they reunite and play the world's largest stadium in Pyongyang, South Korea.
The only problem is, Jeff is still concerned about social distancing so just to be safe he's going to buy up every single ticket.

His personal concert only sets him back $98.6 million.

Somehow he still has $112,602,990,452 left for us to play with.
This summer has been terrible so we're going to buy a Mr. Whippy for every child in the UK.

I don't really know how but we still have $112,575,058,412.
Can't believe it took us this long but it's time to thank each and every one of our Key Workers!

Spa day sound good? It'll only set us back $832 million.

$111,743,058,412 left.
We've decided we're going to pay off the entirety of the US' medical debt which currently stands at $81 billion.

Despite saving thousands of people from declaring bankruptcy, we still have $30,743,058,412 in our private piggy bank.
Two contentious topics in the UK:

How much it costs to pay for the Royal Family each year and BBC License Fees. Let's use Jeff's billions to pay the combined $3,897,000,000.

How much do we have left?

OH ONLY $26,846,058,412.
While we're at it, let's buy a Freddo for everyone in America so they can enjoy the sweet taste of a British classic without having to learn about the price increase.
Despite us spending $162,553,733,288, Jeff Bezos is would still be worth more than the GDP of Jamaica

Take from this what you will.
How would you spend the remaining $26,746,266,712?
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