I’m going to start pairing my #query rejections with wine. Hey #WritingCommunity and #amquerying folks! Retweet for sympathy. @MSWLMA
For the form rejection that’s sprinkled with helpful feedback and shows that they actually read your pages thoughtfully, I suggest a Reisling. You might wince at first, but you taste some sweetness.
For the standard form rejection, a nice full-bodied merlot is your best bet. There’s literally nothing special about it, but you could probably throw back a dozen before you black out.
For the rejection on the partial submissions, open a cool rosé. It says “I’m not sure what’s going on, but at least we’re having fun?”
For the form letter that is nice and polite but not specialized at all, ho for a buttery chardonnay. It’s the equivalent of a Southern lady saying, “bless your heart.” Trust me.
For the “no response” close, switch to tequila.
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