I am brown, and Muslim, and Elizabeth Warren is one of the only senators I trust to fight for my rights and the rights of every community.

Here is why:

In Donald Trump's America, we worry about our kids, nephews, nieces, etc, being bullied.

Not just by the kids of Trumpers, but of those that are supposed to know better.

We worry about kids getting called terrorists, and not having friends in school to lean on.

Even ostensibly liberal shows like Bill Maher promote Muslimphobic stereotypes.
7. When Warren returned, she spoke powerfully about the plight of refugees.

Implored politicians unwilling to help to do something to help.

She spoke about little girls sent away by parents, because the journey to safety alone was safer than Syria.
8. Warren was among a handful of politicians on the side of refugees.

And she spoke powerfully on their behalf on the Senate floor.
9. Here is that speech:
11. Warren sent out emails to her email list, asking not for donations, but for her supporters to support the cause of Syrian refugees.
13. Once Trump was in office, she led interfaith events to bring different faith communities together.

Promote community and understanding in the face of Trump's bigotry.
15. And when Trump imposed the Muslim ban, no senator fought it harder than Elizabeth Warren did.
16. Elizabeth Warren led the airport protest at Logan Airport.

To pressure the admin to release detained Muslim-Americans, and greencard and visa holders.
17. Warren was the only Senator to show up to any of the airport protests.
18. John Lewis went to ATL and sat there in protest for the civil rights of Muslims.

Leading, like he always did.
19. John Lewis stood for every community no matter how unpopular their existence was in the country.

He supported the LGBTQ community when it was unpopular to do so.

And Muslims when it's unpopular.

He was our champion.

Rest in power.
20. Elizabeth Warren led the #MuslimBanprotest #NoBanNoWall protest in Boston.
22. Led a protest in front of the Supreme Court.
24. Warren delivered a powerful rebuke of the decision on the Senate floor.
26. Was in the fight every step of the way.
29. Warren took an Iraqi refugee, Tiba Faraj, as her guest to Trump's address to Congress.
34. What good are politicians who only protect human rights when it's popular to do so?

Who only look out for those than can vote for them.
35. In 2018, emails from John Kelly's office from the previous year revealed that Kelly had referred to Warren as an “impolite arrogant woman”.

He said his conversation with her was, “absolutely most insulting conversation I have ever had with anyone"
36. What had happened was when the Muslim ban happened, American residents were banned from returning, if not citizens.

Warren harassed Kelly's office to change their position.

When she finally got a hold of him on the phone, she gave him a verbal thrashing to remember.
37. After the emails were revealed a year later, Kelly's description of Warren became a news story.

So Warren responded.

Here is her thread on what happened:
38. When Donald Trump tweeted out a video of an old, edited Ilhan Omar speech which was spliced with footage of the 9/11 attack, many Dems didn't speak out.

Elizabeth Warren spoke up and pushed her colleagues to do the same.
40. When the Muslim Caucus held a forum, inviting all Democratic primary candidates to attend, to address the concerns of Muslim-Americans, only Elizabeth Warren appeared.
41. Some candidates ignored the invitation, some flat out declined, and others agreed to send videos.

How can Muslim Americans trust those that couldn't even be bothered to send a video to defend our rights?
43. To their credit, Julian Castro and Bernie Sanders attended the only other Muslim forum for presidential candidates held in Houston in August.
44. In America, Republicans like to talk about Judeo-Christian values, and make sure to exclude all other groups as not representing American values.

When Elizabeth Warren talks of faith, she includes all, in the most heartfelt way.
46. Recently, the right-wing government in Israel has announced its intention to annex parts of the West Bank.

This would make a future contiguous Palestinian state impossible.

These 12 Senators are pushing back.
47. The 2 state solution is the only viable solution to the conflict, and annexation forecloses the possibility of ending that conflict.

Annexation would mean endless conflict.

All Dems oppose annexation in terms of stated policy.

So where are the others besides these 12?
48. I would love to vote for someone with melanin.

But what good does it do mean to have someone in office who looks like me but doesn't fight for me?

I can't live vicariously through someone's successful, high-flying political career.
49. Elizabeth Warren was the first national political leader to openly support Black Lives Matter.
50. This was back when Democrats didn't realize that saying "all lives matter" wasn't an appropriate response to #BLM and multiple people in the Democratic primary said "all lives matter".
54. Warren's latest accomplishment is probably pertinent here:
55. A few months later, Elizabeth Warren gave the best speech on race I have ever seen.
59. This is a great thread with clips from different parts of that speech.
60. The thing that Elizabeth Warren did crucially is she didn't engage in class reductionism, she specifically called it out.

Something many politicians on the Left engage in.

Economic justice is not sufficient to racial justice.
62. Two out of the three founders of BLM, Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors, endorsed Elizabeth Warren during the Democratic primary.

Opal Tometi didn't endorse anyone in the primary.
64. The civil rights advocate and scholar Kimberle Crenshaw, who coined the term "intersectionality", also endorsed Elizabeth Warren.
65. As did, Roxane Gay, who needs no introduction.
66. In 2014 Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote his famous article, "The Case for Reparations" in The Atlantic.

He noted in an interview in May 2019 that Elizabeth Warren approached him after it came out, six years ago, not to ask for favors, but looking to learn.
68. In the 2015-2016 primary:
69. Warren hasn't stopped talking about racial justice.

Netroots 2017.
70. Elizabeth Warren at NAACP's 62nd Fight for Freedom dinner in 2017.
72. Elizabeth Warren became a Senator in 2013, one of the first bills she introduced was to fight discrimination in employment.
78. And they partnered with NowThis News to do a video op-ed to promote the bill.
81. Elizabeth Warren was one of the few politicians to speak out against the militarized police response in Ferguson in 2014.
83. Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill with 4 other senators, the Solitary Confinement Reform Act.

To address the use of solitary confinement and improve conditions for inmates separated from the general population.
84. Elizabeth Warren's speech at the National Action Network's 2017 legislative and policy conference.
85. Elizabeth Warren fought her own party's admin to forgive the student loan debt for the majority Black and Brown kids defrauded by the for-profit Corinthians Colleges.
87. Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Chris Murphy are the reason why Black and Brown kids today have the federal gov ensuring, by law, that racist governors and callous school districts don't destroy their public schools and educational prospects.
89. It was an incredibly lonely fight for the handful of people who fought it, they luckily had the civil rights groups backing them up.

I will have a section on Warren's work on education, to address disparities between the races, later in this thread.
90. Warren made the remark in 2018 that the criminal justice system was racist front to back.

She had spoken about it many times before, but because it was a few months before her Senate reelection, Republicans seized on it.
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