Sociology has to be the most misused & abused school of thought.

What was only supposed to be a useful tool and alternative lens of viewing society, is today used (wrongly) as a hard & fast rule and an established "science" to arrive at politically driven conclusions.

The result: An obsession with "power structures"

A Liberal Arts student is more likely to view the world around him in black & white:
oppressor & oppressed
upper class & lower class

Everything works in absolutes which lands up eating the middle ground.
Ever wondered why there is so much hate for the Middle Class?

Because Cultural Marxists either:

~Don't even take into account the existence of a middle class
~View the middle class as agents of the upper class
~Envy the middle class for being hard-working & self-sufficient
This same sociology-driven black and white view of society leads to:

~Labeling the family structure as oppressive/patriarchal
~Viewing the Govt as inherently oppressive
~Viewing law enforcement as inherently oppressive
~Warped view of genders
~The disease of Inter-sectionalism
Is India prepared for the onslaught of decay these Cultural Marxists will bring? NO.

Because the few people who have been ringing the alarm bells are either dismissed as being "Alt-Right" by Raytas or as "Kool-Aid drinkers" by Trads. (No idea what that means)
We're busy mud slinging here at each other, while the Gen Z, armed with their Liberal Arts education & their own version of Yin-Yang: Victimhood and Entitlement, are injecting their infectious ideology into Indian political discourse.

See this thread:
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