I have a genuine question about mental health.

I feel sad, angry & let down by this country. These feelings have fundamentally changed who I am and how I am.

But I don't think I have poor mental health. I think this is an entirely appropriate way of feeling.
So, whilst aiming for optimistic nihilism our collective refusal to fairly distribute wealth/address the impending climate apocalypse/treat one another with respect sees the optimism dim, leaving just the nihilism.
Now, I /could/ take anti-depressants or medicalise the treatment of my internal despair, but then I'm saying that the world is right and I'm wrong.

That I'm the thing that needs fixing.

But I'm not, am I? This is a reasonable effect, based on cause.
So, here's what I'm asking:

Based on how I feel and what I think, I'm told repeatedly that I need to 'consider my mental health', but if I live in a mad world, how is this madness not inevitable?
Indeed, in a mad world do the lunatics not look at the sane and claim /they're/ the mad ones?
Or to put it another way, I feel like some time in the last 50 years it was decided that we all had to roll around in our own shit. Anyone saying that we don't have to is now an arsehole
A "We do not have to roll around in our own shit!"

B "Yes. We do. You have mental health problems. Take these tablets. Now, let the rolling commence!"

A "Yes. This is better."
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