I feel conservatives are deeply misrepresented by the media. They present us as narrow-minded, yesteryear obsessed 'reactionaries'. Conservative Party members come in in all varieties, but the vast majority of us are centre-right in disposition and capable of nuanced thought. 1/6
My own outlook draws on the best elements of two key schools of thought - classical liberalism & conservatism. My personal ethos and the policies I choose to advocate for are derived from some of the best thinking that has come before me. But I'm not hidebound by 'doctrine'. 2/6
Like many in the Conservative Party, I'm open to innovation & new possibility, while seeking to preserve and transmit existing value across the generations. Conservatism is about stewarding change - both societal evolution and technological advancement - in a sustainable way. 3/6
The media tends to depict Conservatives as one note social conservatives with little to no tolerance or regard for other cultures and a fear of the outside world. Most Conservatives I've encountered in real life have a great love of travel and a variety of cultural interests. 4/6
The views of conservatives on issues such as Brexit are stereotyped in popular culture as "close the borders" and "I want a blue passport". Again, the reality is for most Conservatives , Brexit is first & foremost about sovereignty. Many are in actuality 'Global Britain-ists' 5/6
I'm not sure there are any quick & easy paths to take in comprehensively challenging the present stereotypes and misconceptions pushed in the mainstream media and entertainment arenas about conservatism and conservatives. Forbearance isn't a strategy. We must challenge this. 6/6
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