LIVE NOW: US #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense discusses the US vision for security in the Indo–Pacific region and the way in which the US intends to engage on the issues of importance across the theatre.
“US commitment to free and open Indo-Pacific rooted in values, history and economic ties we share with allies and partners, and has only grown deeper in the face of efforts to undermine it,” says #SecDef @EsperDoD in a special IISS address @DeptofDefense | 
“Three pillars of US Indo-Pacific Strategy are based on preparedness, strengthening partnerships, and promoting a more networked region,” explains #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“We are modernising our force and strengthening deterrence; prioritising development and deployment of game-changing technologies, such as hypersonic weapons, 5G, and artificial intelligence … and transforming the way we fight” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“We are developing a new Joint Warfighting Concept and … Doctrine for the 21st century, and implementing novel concepts to become more nimble, less predictable, and able to rapidly shift to combat operations if needed,” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“As well as developing strategic relationships with emerging regional powers, we continue to build on our longstanding commitments in the region” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“We are encouraging Indo-Pacific nations to expand their own intra-regional security relationships and networks of like-minded partners,” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“Administration looks forward to working with Congress to establish a Pacific Deterrence Initiative, to prioritise investments, maintain a credible deterrent, and demonstrate an enduring, whole-of-government commitment to the region” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
COVID-19 “reinforces necessity of a rules-based, international order rooted in transparency, openness, honesty, and other shared values … the antidote to a viral contagion is communication and collaboration, not disinformation and deception.” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“Chinese Communist Party continues to engage in systemic rule-breaking, coercion and other malign activities” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“The People’s Liberation Army continues its aggressive behavior in the East and South China Seas; CCP has bullied ASEAN nations out of an estimated $2.6 trillion in potential offshore oil and gas revenue and denied them access to important fishing grounds” | #SecDef @EsperDoD
China’s “catalogue of bad behaviour accompanies a pattern of the CCP’s brazen disregard for international commitments, from its failure to uphold its obligations under the WTO to regularly disrespecting the rights of other nations under UNCLOS” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“China’s unlawful land reclamation and military exercises on and around disputed features in the South China Sea are patently inconsistent with its commitments set out in the 2002 Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“We call on China’s leaders to abide by the international laws and norms that China – and the Chinese people – have benefited greatly from over the years. And while we hope the CCP will change its ways, we must be prepared for the alternative” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“We must uphold the free and open system that has secured peace and prosperity for millions: respect for sovereignty; peaceful resolution of disputes; adherence to international laws and norms; and promotion of free, fair and reciprocal trade” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
New US policy on South China Sea “plainly states that US recognition of maritime claims is consistent with international law, favours the sovereign rights of Southeast Asian partners, and rejects PRC’s excessive and unlawful maritime claims”| #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
US policy on South China Sea “champions a free and open Indo-Pacific … and makes clear that the PRC has no right to turn international waters into a zone of exclusion or its own maritime empire” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“We are not in search of conflict. We are committed to a constructive and results-oriented relationship with China, and, within our defense relationship, to open lines of communication and risk reduction” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“We firmly believe no single nation can – or should – dominate the public commons, and we will continue to work alongside our allies and partners to support a prosperous and secure Indo-Pacific for all” | #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
“Allowing #Huawei into our networks would be an impediment. We are pleased to see other nations walking away from the company too”| #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
"I see Japan’s security role growing as they are clearly an anchor of security in the Indo-Pacific. We welcome a more active role for Japan in the region. It’s a trusted friend with excellent capacity and growing capabilities – we see the relationship growing" | #SecDef @EsperDoD
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