Mystery old Pentium II system teardown time
Very nice old steel ATX case with motherboard tray. They don't make them like this anymore.
Internals. Pretty neat and tidy. This was a professional system, likely out of a lab or industrial environment.
Who the hell uses a ferrite on the front panel button and LED wires? This is going too far. Too far...

It's hard to run out of IRQs in a P2 system unless you manually configured the BIOS to non-PnP. And there IS a network card in it...
There's also this, something I hadn't seen before.
A FAST Security AG hardlock card. What is it? It's an Aladdin Knowledge Systems HASP parallel port software license dongle, except built onto a card. The card is a parallel port, note the I/O address ranges to pick from, that match LPT1, LPT2 and LPT3 in standard AT systems.
The card also unusually can choose MCA as a fourth option, and it indeed can just be flipped over to plug into a Microchannel slot. Oddly, the card is keyed for 16 bit but could fit an MCA-AVEC slot too. It would then be configured with the MCA reference disk.
A Matrox Meteor Pro frame grabber. Can capture composite, S-video and RGB. The product ID, METEOR/RGB/PPB, indicates a Meteor board, RGB capable, with PCI to PCI bridge. The Pro versions of the card fixed an issue with them not working in Pentium Pro systems.
Motherboard is an Intel SE440BX, a reference board frequently used by OEMs for various turnkey products. Cisco used this board and several PCI 82559 chipset NICs for their original PIX firewall. The VPN licensing and OS was on an ISA bootable flash card. Here, regular HDD.
Chonkin Pentium II 450mhz CPU. It was uncommon to see the P2 at this frequency. These retailed for about $700 new.
I'm gonna boot this thing up a bit later and see if I can figure out what software was installed on it. It's from "Empix Imaging Inc", anyway.
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