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-- eurovision edition ☆
1 - best eurovision winner of all time
2 - least deserving eurovision winner
3 - worst eurovision year
4 - best eurovision year
5 - thoughts on non-english speaking countries singing in english
6 - should artists be allowed to represent countries that they dont come from/live in
7 - should artists be allowed to compete at eurovision more than once
8 - should eurovision be political
9 - diversity at eurovision
10 - the eurovision fandom
11 - have you become a fan of an artist through eurovision
12 - how long have you been watching eurovision
13 - have you ever been to eurovision
14 - have you ever been to a pre party
15 - thoughts on wiwiblogs
16 - thoughts on eurovision again
17 - thoughts on national finals
18 - national finals vs internal selections
19 - thoughts on juries
20 - which country is most overdue a win
21 - which country is most overrated
22 - sanremo vs melodifestivalen
23 - would you compete at eurovision? if so who would you represent and why?
24. thoughts on recency bias
25. do you rewatch esc years that happened before you were born
26. thoughts on kids + teens watching eurovision/being in the fandom
27. how old were you when you first watched eurovision
28. how old were you when you first went to eurovision
29. has eurovision ever been hosted in you country/city during your lifetime
30. thoughts on the eurovision movie
31. thoughts on locals
32. what does your family think about eurovision
33. do your irl friends watch eurovision
34. do you irl friends know your watch eurovision? if so what do they think about it
35. who most likely would have won eurovision 2020
36. thoughts on countries not sending their 2020 artist in 2021
37. thoughts on the 2020 cancellation
38. thoughts on rotterdam 2021
39. thoughts on europe shine a light
40. how does your country view eurovision
41. thoughts on non european countries participating at eurovision
42. which country would you like to see debut at eurovision
43. if you had to choose one country to leave eurovision, who would you choose
44. worst country at eurovision
45. does your country deserve to win eurovision
46. who will win in 2021
47. which eurovision artist do you want to return
48. which returning artist do you not want to come back
49. who would you choose to represent your country
50. is there an artist that you really want to see at eurovision
51. is there a genre you really want to see at eurovision
52. worst genre at eurovision
53. best genre at eurovision
54. thoughts on joke entries
55. thoughts on ballads
56. thoughts on pop entries
57. what's your eurovision niche
58. favourite entry of all time
59. favourite non-qualifier
60. when is the last time that your winner actually won
61. who is your best friend in the fandom
62. have you ever had a crush on someone in the fandom
63. favourite eurovision group chat
64. best fan jury you've been in
65. have you ever hosted a fan jury
66. thoughts on fan juries
67. have you thrown/attended a eurovision viewing party
68. have you met a eurovision artist
69. thoughts on jon ola sand
70. thoughts on graham norton
71. best eurovision host
72. have you ever been noticed by a eurovision artist
73. worst type of eurovision fan
74. worst eurovision host
75. worst eurovision song
76. worst national final
77. best eurovision song
78. which eurovision song have you probably listened to most
79. ever seen a eurovision artist in concert?
80. do you prefer staging with leds or without leds
81. which country gives the best staging
82. which country is the best host
83. which country, who has never won, do you want to win
84. thoughts on bloc voting
85. favourite fan cam
86. favourite eurovision account (quote this and tag them)
87. do you own any eurovision merch/memorabilia
88. what inspired you to start watching other countries nation finals
89. have you started learning other languages because of eurovision
90. what's your best eurovision memory
91. what's your worst eurovision memory
92. if you could work on any aspect of eurovision (eg. performing, delegations, staging), what would you choose
93. how many eurovisions have you seen
94. how do you usually watch eurovision, and who with
95. can a countries eurovision entries change your perspective on that country (eg. are you more likely to visit a country if you like their songs)
96. what do you look for in a eurovision song
97. are the songs you like at eurovision similar to your taste in music outside of the contest
98. describe eurovision in one word
99. why do you think the eurovision song contest is so important
100. what is your favourite thing about being a eurovision fan
hey congrats for making it to the end! thanks to everyone that did this + i apologise for filling up the time line😳 hope you've enjoyed the thread ♡
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