In 2010,  #KanganaRanaut told me she does not mind the privilege (she called it "quota") star kids have since she herself has a quota and privilege back home because her granddad was in the IAS, her mother was a teacher, Dad a businessman & great granddad a freedom fighter (Contd)
..I hesitated to bring this up since I don't want a discussion on nepotism derailed & (this is a golden rule of journalism) I don't want to make this about myself. But  #Ranaut's team left me with no choice by circulating a tiny clip from this show to claim I shamed her. (Contd)
...The full interview is on YouTube - do watch for yourself.

And now, let's talk - seriously - about  #mentalhealth, nepotism, class and other crucial issues that are being overshadowed by self-absorbed individuals & agenda-driven groups since  #SushantSinghRajput's passing 🙏🏽
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