This, from the press release about the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament's report on Russian interference is damning in itself. Labour, Conservative, and Coalition governments let Russia buy the United Kingdom, and continue to do so.
This is a useful part of the report for centrists who play ignorant about how Britain works -- and publish books about it -- *and* FBPE sorts who think Russia is behind *every* corrupt aspect of the UK.

This is what the ISC believes Russia 'wants':
The ISC directly calls on the government to stand up to Russia, in collaboration with international allies. Is that likely to happen when the Conservative Party takes millions from British citizens who were born in Russia and still have major links to the regime?
The ISC also notes, rightly, that Russia uses both state assets and a network of organised criminal groups to wage cyberwar. This is hotter than a cold war. It is happening every day and has serious real-world consequences.
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