Love waking up to an email from @warwickuni stating that my job is actually neither a job, nor essential to operations. How are you going to deliver all this high quality teaching without... teaching staff? #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #precarity
Oh, and @warwickuni, in the very next breath admit that international students are a cash cow for the marketised model which we are now all behest to. This isn’t about high quality teaching, this isn’t about safety, this isn’t even about education. This is about money.
And while I’m at it, not all casualised staff are students, but ECRs trying to do good work, and attempting to get paid for it. Suggesting that your workers go to a hardship fund is not the feel good story that you think it is, @warwickuni
Fwiw my income from casualised teaching at @Warwickuni for course delivery, design, marking, convening sometimes, office hours, all of it, varies year to year between around £2k and £6k per annum, so imagine how many people you need to cut to “”save”” £50mil. #AcademicChatter
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