Early last year, Zahara revealed that she was an alcoholic in recovery. At the time, she was 5 months sober.
She said the day she knew she was an alcoholic, she'd finished a bottle on her own.
A lot of people laughed. They said THAT doesn't count as alcoholism.
I wasn't surprised by people's responses.
Disappointed, maybe.
Surprised, not in the slightest.
When alcoholism is normalised, people only view absolute extremes as amounting to alcoholism.
There must be staggering.
There must be violence.
Memory loss.
An accident.
More. More.
Either people don't know what alcoholism is or they are in denial.

The violent drunk uncle that sold his house for a tot becomes the 'alcoholic' and your dependency on alcohol isn't THAT BAD, so you don't need help, you're just fine, you're just fine, you're just fine… 💔
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