A thread 🧵 on Rashami and how she changed her game time to time.Understand the psychology of the so called top TV actress who make their life a mess just for TV shows..First week very normal with Sid..because May be uska support chahiye ho game mai aage badhne ke liye #SidNaaz
Day 9 Sid nominates her. And here starts her rivalry with him.. She starts instigating him for roti because she knows him as she has worked with him for nearly 1.5 years in DSTK...also Sana and Arti we’re supporting Sid so she was against them also.
R is angry with Sana because she had started helping Sid with chopping and she was entertaining also. I loved the way Sid bajaoed Arti by saying camera s ke liye kah rahi hai Rashami tho Andre hai... He knew her strategies all along. Sana 🧐wondering ye kahan fas gayi. #SidNaaz
Ways of instigating make Moti roti finish atta and irritate Sid because he prefers roti over Chawal. Sana understands the situation and supported Sid against the Bahus....
R talking about Mahi here. So ‘Mahi Vij knows all the story well and still if she supported both Sid and Sana that means she is a genuine friend to #SidNaaz unlike these fake people. Arti who claims to be Sid’s best buddy is so scared in front of Rashami.
Day 48 Rashami agreeing the changes visible in Sid are because of Sana...Sana made sure Sid’s fights never went out of control be it with These bahus or Asim. #SidNaaz
She became normal when she was in a Weak team and when Arhan was not around. Was ok with doing a romantic scene with Sid also for the show #SidNaaz
When Arhan was with her she tried everything to expel Sid out of the house because time to time she got updates from outside regarding the popularity of #SidNaaz but here also Sana made sure Sid was under control..infact it backfired on her only. Later Arhan got eliminated
She completely changed her gameplay after the family week...became normal with Sid and Sana #SidNaaz
Infact time to time she used to advice Sana. Though mainly she wanted Sana to stay away from Sid..... But Sana sunti sabki thi par karti apni thi....But I liked what she is talking about Arti. #SidNaaz
Because she changed her game towards the end and also the channel supported her she reached top. BUT THE WAY SHE MESSED UP HER PERSONAL LIFE WAS SOMETHING TOO MUCH AND THAT TOO FOR A SHOW.
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